"make your mark on the profession of entrepreneurship"

Business Clients

Entrepreneurs can make any business great but they make companies like Effició prosper, so whether you are a prospective student, current student, protégé, client, staff member, alumni, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated.

Our Entrepreneurship Education programming will provide mastery training modules, programs and support focused on advanced level Strategy, Business Modeling, Technology, Marketing, Finance, and Leadership. When we say advanced, we are not discounting starting with a basic understanding and progressing from there. We simply do not provide cookie cutter, one size fits all education. Advanced in this context means beyond the norm, extraordinary.

"We want to help you become an icon of entrepreneurship...It's time to invest in your entrepreneurial mind."

We have a strong team spearheading our entrepreneurship education program, classes and tutorials. We're beginning enrollment for our full-time entrepreneur education and credential track!

To begin enrollment, call 1-866-934-CORE (2673) ext. 701 to schedule your entrepreneur business introduction. You'll meet "CEO to CEO" to gain access to full programming information and a five point business analysis via phone or video chat. You may also request your complimentary business session via our online form located here: Complimentary Business Session Request.


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