Ask Effició: Why do I need to build the infrastructure when I’m bringing in money?

January 9, 20150 Comments

Question:  Why do I need to build the infrastructure when I’m bringing in money?

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Sherese Answer:   Honestly, if you’re asking the question that must mean you’re not sure of something in your business.  All successful entrepreneurs implement, improve and adapt their infrastructures throughout the life of their business.  If you’ve reached your vision or have created the strategic operations to support the path to your vision, then you may not need to do anything at this time except work your plan, market your brand and continue with your selling strategy until it’s time to update.


Maybe the focus should be on the word “money” in your question.  Bringing in the money can actually be really simple for a lot of entrepreneurs.  Your goal should be to maintain and increase the money without falter.

Generating profits, cash flow and revenues beyond “just making it” should be the goal.  And, you want to make sure you’re earning an income that provides the lifestyle you want not a lifestyle you settle for (you’re paying the bills and that’s it).

So…my question to you, do you know what a small business infrastructure is?

Your Transmogrifyer,

Sherese Duncan

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