Effició’s Digital Content Distribution Model

Efficio EditorialWe have created a digital space where we produce aggressive, trenchant, intellectual information, education, training, and analysis focused on the executive entrepreneur (ceo, founder, owner). This digital model for content distribution is vital to the future of  our premium level content.

We want you to choose us as part of your growing premium business library!

Part of Total Entrepreneurial Career development is to “get to the CORE” content and let go of unnecessary information that you will probably just store away for later.  We want you to take action now!  This is why we are choosing to put in the time and work required to create great content and build a prosperous brand. We are not just starting this; we have been doing this since our birth (over 500 articles written and shared since 2001!!).  Moreover, we are creating relevant entrepreneurial news, reports and commentary!

We have a several options for you to gain access to our selective and premium content:

1.  You can read and subscribe to our editorial posts which has selective reports, and articles to help you operate your business efficiently and build an entrepreneurial career you can be proud of.  We’ve been publishing content to our (now retired) blog since 2001 and we actually started writing in 1996.  We have lots to share and plenty to say!  We hope you enjoy our selective premium information.

2.  We also have a great membership community!  Join our Entrepreneur Community to receive our most exclusive content on business strategy, credentialing and perception management.  We’re also providing executive level information on how to move from the tactical (day to day grind) to a strategic role (vision and innovation focused) within your entrepreneurial career through our tutorials, quarterly journals, and yearly reports.

3.  Get Mentoring and Motivation with Conversation Cafe!    Effició’s Conversation Cafe provides CEO’s, Founders, and Owners of small to medium sized businesses with a bottom-line understanding of how they can transition to new levels of leadership in their entrepreneurial careers and within their organizations in order to drive better organizational decisions through strategic discussions.

Whatever your reason for seeking content, resources and tools, it’s important to pick the right topics that get you closer to your vision.  Choose to take action on everything you read/listen/view within one week; this way you’ll be more selective and your business library will be much more valuable.

We’ll continue to discuss our new digital distribution model in future posts and newsletters.  We look forward to continuing to provide great content that you can implement immediately!

Here’s to “premium content!”

Team Effició

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