Utilize the Power of Positive Manipulation

Utilize the Power of Positive Manipulation

August 7, 20160 Comments

In business the goal is to have things go your way no matter the situation, but how do you always get what you want? Begin utilizing the power of positive manipulation. Positive manipulation involves being authoritative in your ideas and exuding extreme confidence in your business. Therefore, you must manage your business encounters in a […]

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4 Things Your Prospects Must Have to Become Your Customer

June 23, 20160 Comments

It is important to remember that the CORE of marketing is your target market – the people. If you’re concentrating your efforts on your product or service only, you are going to completely miss the mark. The term target market is used because that specific market is the “bull’s eye” at which you aim all […]

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Three Common Reasons Your Small Business is Cash Poor

May 15, 20160 Comments

I’ve learned a lot about cash flow over the years and today’s article should shed some light on why the cash may not be coming in as quickly as you would like. Reason Number One:  You have great solutions that people need but they’re not what people want.   The key ingredient for building and […]

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Technology Consultants Are Still Necessary

April 22, 20160 Comments

In today’s society, we are more connected than ever. We have all kinds of technological devices – Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, All-in One’s, etc.  Along with all these devices comes a lot of confusion on what is best. The challenge is, as a small business owner, how do you know what to purchase; especially when […]

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The Ultimate 90-Day Ramp Up Plan for Employees of Small Businesses

April 10, 20160 Comments

Are you currently working for a small business or entrepreneur?  If so, this article is for you! In the last few years, small businesses have become more attractive to those seeking careers.  This weeks article is for those of you who have secured a position with a small business (250 employees or less) and need […]

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Top Five Warning Signs of Entrepreneurship Career Complacency

February 26, 20160 Comments

Are you comfortable with your entrepreneurial career and business venture? Too comfortable, perhaps?  Being comfortable is not a bad thing, but getting to a point of complacency, the ‘safe’ zone, can be your biggest trap. When you spend a lot of time avoiding work or you start getting bored, you may need a strategic jolt […]

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Keep Your Small Business Processes Simple

February 23, 20160 Comments

A lot of big business gets process wrong but small businesses have a great opportunity to get it right. When you think of process, your first thought might be “no more procedures!” But in a small business you should think “bring it on!” Process offers many ways to measure progress when used correctly.  They should […]

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How to Stay on the Entrepreneurial Success Track

January 23, 20160 Comments

The challenge of staying on the entrepreneurial success track keeps me on my toes! Listed below are five ways that I keep Effició and my entrepreneurial career on the success track, no matter how many drops, twists and turns the small business roller coaster takes: 1. Look for High Level Opportunities: This can be tricky […]

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How to Create an Environment that Facilitates Execution

April 10, 20150 Comments

Stop spending all of your time on the little things. This year is already moving pretty fast, therefore, your time management needs a quick pick me up. If you are ready to grow your business and generate sales, you have to function in an environment that facilitates execution. I have accomplished the almost-impossible in the […]

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You Like Your Career But Not Your Salary, Ask for a Raise!

March 24, 20150 Comments

If you enjoy your current entrepreneur career, working for a fast growth start up or small business, but not your salary; you may NOT need to change careers.  Ask for a raise instead! Let’s review a few calculations: According to Joe Hadzima, a columnist for the Boston Business Journal and lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School […]

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