Preparing to Outsource

Preparing to Outsource

June 5, 20160 Comments

It is important to understand when to add individuals to your business model. Adding a new team member should be an easy transition – that is where organization comes in. Clearly defined processes such as workflow, work space, filing systems and other key functions in the business should be identified. Structure is one of the […]

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Get Clients First Then Write Your Plan

December 15, 20150 Comments

If you think the first thing you need to do to start a business is write a business plan, you’re wrong.  Writing a business plan right off the bat involves long hours of detailing your business strategies and sales forecasting even though you’re not sure what you’re doing, and trying to justify a need for […]

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Building Strategic Connections Focused on Building Profitability

October 5, 20150 Comments

When we talk about strategic connections, we are not talking about meeting potential clients or prospects.  Rather, we are talking about meeting those people who have influence, power and credibility and can pass on those credentials to you.  They are equipped to open otherwise unapproachable doors rather than just providing you with a referral. Here […]

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Here Are 5 Ways To Mobilize Your Money Faster

August 6, 20150 Comments

In order to truly become profitable, have cash on hand at all times, and be financially sound, you must learn how to Mobilize Your Money both in your business and at home. It’s about understanding wealth, profit, income, and cash in order to focus on executing financial strategic goals. Here are five steps to begin […]

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Day to Day Tasks Must Be Delegated to Your Team

July 31, 20150 Comments

This article brings up a lot of scenarios with my advanced level clients. Yes, advanced level. After a certain number of years as the “do it all” Entrepreneur, you can miss important warning signs that can prevent burn out, overload and possibly “going out of business.” Warning signs that it’s time to build a team […]

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How to Generate Cash Quickly

July 7, 20150 Comments

Let’s just jump right into it! 1. Start your ‘stay in touch’ campaign. If you have built a list of contacts, take the time to organize that list into categories; one for prospects, one for business colleagues and one for potential alliance partners. Let’s start with prospects. Create a schedule to call at least five […]

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Don’t Waste Time! Build Your Marketing Base

May 13, 20150 Comments

To start let’s review what marketing is and why you need a marketing base: What is marketing? Marketing involves all those activities a company does to: Find out what their customers or clients need or want Tell those customers or clients that they can fulfill their needs and wants Persuade them to buy the solution […]

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How to Be An Architect of Business Growth

April 29, 20150 Comments

If you are building and growing a business, you have to make smart deals, take calculated risks and seek strategic opportunities across international borders. There is a distinct difference between those entrepreneurs who are business owners and those who are valued innovators. To put it simply, to be an architect of growth and to excel […]

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Eight Ways to Determine if Your Business is Viable

March 27, 20150 Comments

We’ve been updating this article for over three years! It’s become a ritual; this is one of our favorites and for those of you new to Effició, let me know your thoughts! First, let’s define what makes a business viable: A viable business is one that has sufficient profit margins, adequate cash flow and a […]

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Business Sales

February 13, 20150 Comments

I hear it almost everyday, “Sherese, can you help me come up with some great ideas to make more money?”  It’s time to change your mindset from making money to generating cash flow, profits, revenue and wealth! Listed below are some quick ways to boost your sales which will definitely lead to more cash. 1. […]

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