Transmogrification Note #1:  Learn How to Positively Manipulate

Transmogrification Note #1: Learn How to Positively Manipulate

January 12, 20170 Comments

TRANSMOGRIFICATION NOTE #1:  In business the goal is to have things go your way no matter the situation, but how do you always get what you want? Begin utilizing the power of positive manipulation. Positive manipulation involves being authoritative in your ideas and exuding extreme confidence in your business. Therefore, you must manage your business […]

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Transmogrification:  Own Up!

Transmogrification: Own Up!

January 5, 20170 Comments

It’s time to…Own Up It’s mid January and we must continue your journey of creating your OWN UP (OU for short) list.  Have you completed it?  If not, what’s holding you up? Let me give you a little more reality and CORE motivation to complete this first challenge…here’s the story… Years ago, I really thought […]

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January:  Preparing for Transmogrification

January: Preparing for Transmogrification

January 3, 20171 Comment

Get Transmogrified! Goal:  Understand and Prepare for the Transmogrification Process This month’s challenge is about introducing you to Transmogrification.  When you talk about transmogrifying it begins with YOU, in order to correct and enhance the not so perfect and good within you.  It’s about following your good mind, trusting in yourself, and not looking to […]

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