Effició’s education program will help you move through the stages of business development intelligently and give you a solid support system you can rely on. Our education program leverages Effició’s 20+ years of entrepreneurial training, consulting, educating, and coaching experience, our proprietary Red Diamond Blueprint Model™, and our unique ability to stay on the cutting edge of business, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial education into a unique 24-month program.

Over the years we have found that no matter what business level you’re at, there will be gaps; whether it’s inadequate financial management, undefined brand elements, unfocused vision, and goals, or underdeveloped people and processes. We cover it all – the full spectrum of business sophistication from the simplest concepts to the most complex business challenges.


Your curriculum combines mentorship and instruction helping you to implement all components of your entrepreneurial career and all the operational structures for your business venture. You will connect with our strategist, placing you in a variety of situations designed to replicate the real challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

Experiential Learning
Case studies, role plays, simulations, and other activities mirroring situations faced as entrepreneurial executives.

A Cohort Experience
Involvement in a learning community (Small Business Strategy Group) and support network during the program and throughout the credential year.

Focused Mentoring and Coaching
Mentor support, small-group courses, boot camps, retreats, and structured masterminding to tackle complex business issues and executive development challenges.

These are important learning elements that must be addressed at the beginning of your first academic year with us.  Markedly, we have developed the LEARN (Learn, Engage, Activate, Review, Nurture) methodology as our strategic approach which you’ll get more details on once enrolled.



Our Professional Schools Skill Builder Courses will upgrade key skills or provide a refresher on important topics in entrepreneurship. They will help you translate all your ideas, goals, initiatives, strategies, all those things you really want to implement, into something tangible.  Key topics include strategy, business infrastructure, technology automation, financial management, human capital, and marketing focused on building “income-generating” skill sets.  There are a total of twenty (20) skill builder courses.

Credentials and Entrepreneurial Credit Units

Effició supports entrepreneurs with business credentials that objectively assess experience, ethics, and skills; and uniquely provides a supported learning program that increases skills, character, and knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. You will have the opportunity to access the Certified Strategic Business credential through a credential year filled with entrepreneurial lifestyle experiences.

Learning Support

Our students and protégés are our most important assets. Effició’s will support you by strengthening your skills, knowledge, mindset, and character.  One of our main academic goals is to get your small business financially healthy.  We’ll provide a combination of empowerment and philanthropic support provided directly to you once you become a student of entrepreneurship.  With this additional support, you’ll become a financial master in order to increase sales, revenue, income, and access to capital.  In addition, we offer specific programs and collaboration opportunities to alleviate “access barriers” to progressive mentoring, networking, and strategic advice.


Key Features of our Education Program

Personal Motivation: Since we cater to the adult learner and entrepreneurial learning styles, our training keeps you engaged, motivated, and driven to succeed.

Total Immersion: We offer a one-of-a-kind learning platform; all programming is delivered via eLearning (telecourses, webinars, web events, and video conferencing).  This provides a distraction-free, immersed learning environment.  It’s just you, your training, and your strategist to put you in a state of full engagement.

Award-winning Instruction: Our faculty are consistently recognized for instructor excellence, the strength of our curriculum, and a unique approach that guarantees effective knowledge transfer – we focus on EXECUTION, not just knowledge and information.  You will leave with a full set of skills that you can use in your business immediately.

Immediate results: Accelerated training means faster mastery of SKILLS that allow you to implement the content presented.  Our students absorb the material quicker, retain it longer, and see immediate ROI – and if they continue their development with us…well…most of them exceed their definition of success.

Risk-free Investment: We stand behind our education.  Our guarantee means you can stop worrying about your investment and start focusing on “getting exactly what you need.”

“Students of Entrepreneurship”

Our admissions and enrollment steps combine a strategic selection process, a holistic cohort experience, and an execution module spent implementing and executing the strategies developed. We want to emphasize that we not only teach you the “what” but we also teach you the “how, why, where, and when.” In order to do this, our supporting platform for all courses and training is Transferable Skill Development.

    As a student-service-centered team, we promote a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students that fosters personal development, an engaged community, and a sense of personal connection to Effició as their strategic partner. We understand the value of confidentiality, ethics, and privacy for entrepreneurs. These values are part of our commitment to the school’s emphasis on diversity, teaching, research, technology, and collaboration.

    Our goal is to create a safe (confidential, proprietary, and secure) and forward-thinking learning environment that enriches the entrepreneurial experience at Effició.


    Inquiry Sessions in Progress


    Open Enrollment begins Fall 2021.

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