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Effició takes a completely different approach to entrepreneurship development, we compare building a profitable businesses and entrepreneurial career to mining for diamonds. We use a systematic process called ‘The Red Diamond Blueprint Model’ to guide entrepreneurs on the road to perpetuity and profitability.

Through this model, we provide knowledge, training, resources, support, and direction on strategy, business infrastructure, technology automation, financial management, human capital, and marketing. Our blueprints make up a balanced business and are delivered through multiple mediums of delivery; all based on efficiency, thoroughness, and specificity.

In order to get to the CORE and mine your red diamond business……you should follow a process similar to the process of mining for diamonds, specifically the Red Diamond. The Red Diamond is the most valuable diamond in the world. This is what you want for your business; to be attractive, strong, and alluring.

Your mining process begins with building a solid business mine. The Red Diamond Blueprints will not only help you get to the CORE and bring your Profitable Business to light, the process will give you a Business Mindset. Therefore if you fail you can pick back up and do it again until you find your Red Diamond Business.

You are not alone in your efforts to mine your red diamond business. Others have headed down the same path you’re on and successfully blazed a trail in this excavation process. As an Efficio client you’ll meet our brave business owners who will help you navigate your way through the Mining Process.

Effició’s Red Diamond Blueprint Model™ is designed to teach the business principles that will train you to think strategically and build the right infrastructure based on the vision you seek. It all starts with an initial infrastructure that will provide the business mindset you need to deal with the rollercoaster ride of business ownership, the cash you need to live, eat, play, and re-invest in order to construct and grow your full business infrastructure and the business personality you need to present a united front to an engaged audience.

Why the Red Diamond? The red diamond signifies something rare, priceless, and very hard to get. The red diamond is a symbol of the result of planning, preparation, research, discovery, and execution; all those things that are necessary to do the groundwork to reach greatness for your business. Businesses are everywhere, but the great ones that last are rare. Of course you have to understand your motives for going into business, whether you’re in it to sell the business, in it to make money, or in it to help people—but are you in it for the red diamond? Whatever your business strategy may be – the red diamond should be what you’re trying to achieve.

The Entrepreneurs’ lifestyle can be very unique, exciting, and fulfilling. Our goal is to ensure all of our entrepreneurial students are supported and motivated to live their own unique entrepreneurial lifestyle by coming out of the mine with their Red Diamond.


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We’re ready…are you?

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