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“These are LIVE interactive courses specifically designed with the entrepreneur (CEO) in mind.”

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Current Preparation Courses List (individual class registration open to students and non-students):

2018 Schedule – Click the course for details and to enroll.

SE # Course Title Month Date Day Time
CORE 001 Getting to the CORE of Business® Course Monthly Every 1st Monday Monday 2-3p
Personification 002 Entrepreneurial Credentials: Your Acumen, Your Vitae, Your Resume,
Your Brand, Your Image
April 2 Monday 4-6p
Transmogrification 003 An Entrepreneur’s State of Mind May 7 Monday 4-6p
Strategy 004 Strategy, Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning July 2 Monday 4-6p
Business 005 From “Things to Do” to a “Work Breakdown Structure” August 6 Monday 4-6p
Technology 006 Gizmos and Gadgets:  Defining Your Technology Sets September 10 Monday 4-6p
Financial 007 Mobilize Your Money:  Get it, Move it, Grow it! October 1 Monday 4-6p
Human Capital 008 Ins and Outs of Managing Small Business Operations November 5 Monday 4-6p
Marketing 009 Developing a Simple Marketing Toolbox December 3 Monday 4-6p

No matter your status, full time or part time, as an Efficio Student of Entrepreneurship, your goal is to achieve entrepreneurial credentials through certification.  Our Immersive, all-inclusive Skill Builder Courses gets you one step closer to earning the first and only Entrepreneurial Credential that showcases your skills sets, character and business intelligence; you will immediately realize a return on your investment – and entrepreneurial career momentum – after completing just one class!

The part time student of entrepreneurship program is a great stepping stone to our full time program.



–Non-students: Your investment in our School of Entrepreneurship courses range between $79 to $479, depending on the courses taken. Click your course via the list above.

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