Utilize the Power of Positive Manipulation

August 7, 20160 Comments

In business the goal is to have things go your way no matter the situation, but how do you always get what you want?

Begin utilizing the power of positive manipulation.

Positive manipulation involves being authoritative in your ideas and exuding extreme confidence in your business. Therefore, you must manage your business encounters in a shrewd yet diplomatic way.

The word “manipulate” has always had a negative connotation.  Unfortunately the word has had such a negative undertone linked to it since its original French meaning, which simply means to “handle an apparatus in chemistry” or in Latin to “manage skillfully.”  So really, if utilized correctly, manipulation should not have a negative implication.

Think about the people who are positions of power in our country, in the world, or people who are successful in business, politics, athletics or other walks of life.  I would be willing to bet that almost all of them know and understand how to get others to do the things they want or need them to do.

They know what buttons to push to get people to move in their direction while also adopting their ideas, values and beliefs.

They can also predict what others are likely to do or not do because they have a masterful understanding of the human behavior. Being able to predict that behavior of others can almost be as powerful as being able to control it!

This is positive manipulation.

Briefly, utilize the power of positive manipulation, one must:

  • Speak from a position of expertise
  • Talk authoritatively by showing the breadth and depth of knowledge you embrace
  • Have a predetermined outcome in mind before an encounter
  • Be somewhat unreasonable, but not shrewd
  • Stick to your course by reiterating the skills you require

Manipulation is not, in and of itself a bad thing.  It is only a bad thing if it is selfish, undermining and works to the determent of your target.

Learning this skill can be the competitive edge your company needs.

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