50% Will Finish and 50% Will Drop Out

July 11, 20170 Comments

50% of you will finish.  But we want all of you to succeed.

Most people who choose entrepreneurship as their career do not realize what it really takes to build a successful business.  I’m not talking about new entrepreneurs; I’m talking to those of you already in business.  50% of you will finish and 50% of you will drop out   You may still be in business but you’ll never have that business you’ve always dreamed of or even reach the solid goals you’ve set.


Because you don’t have time.

Here’s the reality we face every day as business educators, trainers, coaches and consultants to entrepreneurs around the world, only 50% of small business owners who sign up for programs or training complete the program.  Of the 50% that finish, only 20% truly do the work necessary to deliver greatness; they are happy life-fulfilled red diamond businesses who are on a clear path to their business vision and are exceeding their definition of success.  They are focused, fully engaged and are finishing what they started.

They made the time.

The other 50% ends up dropping out because of an old tried and true excuse.  Whether it’s, I got a big job and don’t have time to do the work, or something has come up with my kids and I don’t have time to do the work, or the most popular, I just don’t have time to get the work done.

You don’t have time to invest in your education in order to actually have more time and more money and more freedom in your business?

This is the worst excuse you can give – it is a fear excuse…a lazy excuse.  Basically, it’s just an excuse.

Excuses translate into a business that is life draining, energy draining, money draining and ultimately the excuses become dream killers.

I would hope that those of you reading this don’t have this excuse and you understand the importance of education and training.

We’re in a time that requires truth, hard truths and we are telling you that we are that company that will not sugarcoat nor tell you it is OK that you don’t have time to work on your business.  At minimum, we’re going to ensure you understand the importance and outcomes of your decisions.

Believe me, I’ve seen my share of existing business owners who are failing and don’t’ even realize it.  They just keep going round and round without truly identifying how to get to where they want to go – because they feel like they don’t have time to think, time to focus, time to learn.  You have to quickly get over yourself, get transmogrified and get to work – the right way with the correct education and training.

What if everything you needed to be a successful business owner, as defined by you, is handed to you on a silver platter, would you be willing to put in the time to get it?

If so, we’re willing to provide it to you.  Except, we’re giving it to you on a Red Diamond platter instead – it’s much more valuable.

To put this into perspective, I spend 20 hours a week on strategic work.

If I didn’t I would not be in business today. It’s about letting go of the leadership mindset and becoming a visionary.

I want your help to shatter this statistic – I want ALL of you to finish and ultimately succeed.  All you have to do is make the time.  Really, that’s the first step.

You can make a choice to get to work now or pay your dues later.  There’s no getting around it – the choices you make today should prepare you for greatness not prepare you for hard work later.  The decision is yours, but once you make that decision you have to stick with it.  No excuses – if you can’t dedicate time to work on and in your business then you should pack up shop now.  Don’t waste your time – think about it – haven’t you been spinning your wheels enough already.

Make a choice, focused ongoing skill development work choices; not quick fixes or short cuts.

If you’re ready to let go of those excuses and get to work, follow the steps below and learn how to get on your customized direct path to TOTAL Entrepreneurial development.

It’s time to Engage!


I do hope I’ll see you in training or at one of our exclusive learning events!  I’m looking forward to meeting you, and giving YOU the keys to the WEALTH and FREEDOM you’ve been craving. (And having a ton of FUN in the process, too!)

Your Strategist, Educator and Transmogrifyer!


Sherese Duncan

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