Finish What You Start, Effició’s Getting to the CORE of Business, Episode 03 with Sherese Duncan

It’s simple to start, however, it’s much harder to finish. To get “to the CORE,” to “achieve,” and live the lifestyle you want as an entrepreneur, you may have to spend 15+ hours each week on strategic work and execution. To put this into perspective, I spend 20+ hours a week on strategic work and execution of those strategies (this excludes marketing).

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Brief Show Notes:

I was chatting with one of my team members about resources for entrepreneurs and their businesses. We were discussing if companies are really achieving the success they proclaim or are they glorifying their success in order to get your business. A touchy, yet intriguing topic.

We found that a lot of resources are selling dreams instead of reality, whether they are online or offline, it does not seem to matter. You have to choose based on finishing, not based on starting!

It used to be very simple to execute profitable strategies, that’s not necessarily the case anymore.  Competition is tough, technology continues to amaze us and the way we conduct business and build our entrepreneurial careers can change on a daily basis!

This makes securing a strategic partner to support execution a necessary tool for success in WHOLE, in Total for entrepreneurs.

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