24EDU, a living, breathing, and evolving learning experience via a blended eLearning platform.

We have been perfecting our education and consulting practices, our business model, and our strategic tools for the last 20 years. Effició’s academic program (24EDU) leverages our unique ability to stay at the forefront of business, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial education into a unique 24-month program.

We cover it all – the full spectrum of business sophistication from the simplest concepts to the most complex business challenges. Your academic program includes curriculum, learning support, and academic support:


The Getting to the CORE of Business (GTCB) curriculum and training materials are sent via snail mail and a part of it is available as a PDF download. GTCB is designed to evolve with your business, therefore, it can be used years beyond your program. GTCB curriculum is the driver of action using all materials provided. This is your main learning tool. The companion workbooks have time-saving templates, worksheets, and checklists to organize strategic documents, to document customized systems and processes, and to create your full set of operation manuals.

Each executive school houses a specific GTCB curriculum based on curriculum levels, units, and supplemental skill-builder courses. We use a blended learning flipped classroom format. Therefore, curriculums are released on a set schedule for review, homework, and questions. The skill-builder course are live classes led by your education team meant to cover key skills and concepts that support application and practice. Here is a sample 24-Month schedule:

Efficio's 24EDU Program Outline


In addition, you will access supplemental materials to help you (1) develop processes that can be delegated and/or outsourced, (2) scale and/or grow your business efficiently and (3) document a entrepreneurship portfolio that will drive results in your business immediately, including, but not limited to:

Consulting Sessions: We supply step-by-step instruction and detailed implementation and execution support.

Coaching Sessions: You will get access to coaching sessions that focus on creating your work management plan and advanced action planning techniques that help you decide who is going to do what and by when and in what order for the organization to reach its strategic goals.

Training Sessions: You will train with your strategist to ensure you are implementing your strategic blueprints effectively and working through your credential year smoothly.

Study Sessions: Our study sessions happen each quarter, and they deliver comprehensive review of key concepts from your curriculum.

Critical Success Analysis and Tracking: You will stay accountable with monthly analysis of not only your skill development progress but also your business’ progress. You will receive accountability tools that allow for objective review and feedback.

Learning Support

All students will have an opportunity to choose a development track based on their business stage. Learning support development tracks supply strategies, and practices that provide intellectual support intended to enable all students to have an equal opportunity for success by addressing barriers and promoting engagement.

We currently have four main development tracks that sets the learning support path for each student. Once you have confirmed your development track, all students access the following learning support:


Part of your program requirements is to complete eight (8) skill builder courses within our executive schools. Some of the courses included cover strategic innovation, research management, operational efficiency, productive technology, integration marketing, omni-channel marketing, executive selling process, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, leading entrepreneurial teams, and financial analysis. Full course list and details are discussed and shared during your pre-admission session.


You will access tutorials based on your development track. Strategy and Systems coupled together creates the framework for your business model which is executed by business operations. Each tutorial will cover key steps for implementing operational strategies and corresponding systems in a short amount of time with the highest impact possible.


Your Entrepreneurship Portfolio (EP) is your primary assignment. Our portfolio training sessions include details on how to organize the four main elements of your EP along with strategic steps to implement throughout your academic program and beyond. Your tangible outcome is to complete each section of your portfolio and validate it with certification.


Our Certified Strategic Business credential take one full year, and is filled with entrepreneurial experiences of rigorous competency, ethics, and practice requirements. It differs from an educational designation or state license in that it is based upon activities that have been determined by extensive analysis of business and entrepreneurship practitioners, and, therefore, continues to evolve with the profession.

Through our Continuing Education Requirements (CER) program, we currently offer EDU’s and EEU’s. Earning entrepreneurship education units (EEU’s) secures your Certified Strategic Business (CSB) credential by mastering designated core competencies. Entrepreneurship development units (EDUs) maintains your (CSB) credential and keeps you up to date on everything from the newest trends in business to updated tools, technologies, and techniques. During orientation, you will learn more about our credential program and earning EDUs and EEUs.

*The credential program is optional and is not required to complete the 24-month program.

Academic Support

Academic support helps you become a more effective, engaged, and intentional learner. You will work collaboratively with your education team to achieve academic success through Student Experience and Empowerment (SEE) and Aligning, Laddering, and Learning (ALL).

SEE™ ALL™ advances the mission of our education by helping to shape an environment in which all students of entrepreneurship are challenged and supported in their efforts to learn, understand, and challenge their businesses and themselves. In addition, we engage in continuous assessment to provide innovative, meaningful, and effective learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Becoming a student of entrepreneurship with Effició is about experiencing learning as an entrepreneur. The Entrepreneurs’ learning experience can be unique, exciting, and fulfilling. Our focus is to ensure all students of entrepreneurship are supported and invigorated to exceed their definition of success on their terms and create their own unique entrepreneurial learning style.

The central functions of SEE ALL are to:

  • Promote individual student learning and development through educational programs that generate awareness of the relationship between the student’s education/skills and attitudes needed to function in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Provide services that accommodate and stimulate the learning process and promote a fit entrepreneurial learning style.
  • Foster a learning community which promotes student involvement in their intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, and physical development.
  • Develop the human and facility resources necessary to support the increasingly diverse and multifaceted student population.

As a student-service centered team, we promote a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students that foster personal development, an engaged community, and a sense of personal connection to Effició as their strategic partner. We understand the value of confidentiality, ethics, and privacy for entrepreneurs. These values are part of our commitment to our emphasis on diversity, teaching, research, technology, and collaboration.

We develop our curriculum based on the entrepreneurs’ perspective that allows room for expansion and upgrades. You will connect with your education team once you have been admitted. They will help you with your ramp up schedule and learning plan.

Program Dates

Applying for admission to our academic program is available three times per year. Students may register for the program after deadline dates providing seats are available.

Current registration schedule and start dates:

Effició 24EDU Program Application Deadlines

Learn about Admission and Application Requirements >>

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