Think about if you’re unmotivated overall or just within certain areas of your work life.

Working from a home can be challenging, for everyone, even the people that never want to go back to the office. Recognize and alleviate obvious distractions first. For instance, your actual office space should be organized in a way that promotes good work habits. Television is a big distraction from motivation. Orderly papers and files are key in addition to the size of your desk or work table; have you created enough room to work?

Another distraction from motivation is your work ethic and work flow. Most of us write proposals, follow up on emails and client work, or any other administrative/operational task without regard to optimal work times. To alleviate this distraction, break your work into five major categories (more or less) and stick to a schedule of working within each designated work categories during optimal times. For example, It’s unproductive for me to engage in strategic work after 1:00 pm, my brain can’t handle any more strategies at this point, I’m just brain-tired. Most of my strategic work is done between 6am and 12pm. As a result, any administrative/operational work is scheduled later in the afternoon vs. early morning.

What is your optimal work time within each of your work categories?

An internal distraction from motivation is your mental state. Your emotions, negative thoughts, and reactive activity can keep you from doing things at an optimal level. There may be things going on in the business that have nothing to do with the business but more so to do with things that are affecting you personally.  Really think about what is driving you. What things are really driving your business activity. Think about why you need motivation and the answers will begin to emerge.

Mostly, we have to motivate ourselves! And seek those that can continue to support the motivational thoughts and activities we’ve started.

To stay motivated? Focus, Fully Engage and Finish! Take things one step at a time and finish.  The number one killer of (my) motivation is NOT completing something. Spend your time over the next few weeks deciding what you want to complete and create an environment that supports completion within realistic time frames. And, try to stick to what you say you will do…oh, and cut down on multitasking.

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