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Are You Hyping Your Fluff or Selling Your Stuff?

July 20, 20170 Comments

TRANSMOGRIFICATION NOTE #7: My new business motto – Do not believe the hype!  Why?  Here is the story…

get_transmogrified_notesYears ago I read a fantastic book about business and had an opportunity to hear the author speak a couple of months after finishing the book.  I was so excited and could not wait to talk to the author in person and possibly hire them to assist my business.

To my disappointment, as the author began to speak I lost all confidence in what they were selling.  It was evident that the author could not back up what they had written.

Everyone in the group was so disappointed and disinterested in the author that not only did no one ask any questions, but we all sat in amazement of the author’s lack of business sense.

We started to wonder if the author had even truly written the book.

As far as I know to this day, this author’s business is no where to be found.  The author had a golden opportunity to capture business and to really show people their expertise.  Well, the author blew it.

If your sales or business reputation is less than stellar, you may be hyping your fluff and not selling your stuff.  Make sure to really complete the sales skills analysis for this month.

To make sure you deliver what you’re selling, take a look at the following:

  1. Back up your words with actions all the time, not just some of the time.
  2. While you are running the race, do not stop to look to see who is behind you – it will only distract you.  Keep running – win the race.
  3. Focus on the results not just the process.
  4. Do not skip any steps.
  5. Treat all clients and prospects the same — big or small.
  6. Always choose substance over fluff.

Stop selling fluff and go sell your stuff!

I look forward to inspiring and motivating you!  Haven’t joined yet; here are the Get Transmogrified! challenge details.  If you’re actively completing your tasks, how are you doing?

Your Transmogrifyer,

Sherese Duncan

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