Ask Effició: How do I build my business to a profitable full time business while also working a full time job?

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Becoming an EntrepreneurQuestion:   How do I build my business to a profitable full time business while also working a full time job?

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Sherese Answer:  It will all depend on your personal life and how much time you have during non-(job) work hours. I dedicated 20 hours a week outside of my full-time job to work on my business when I first started.

I also took advantage of any networking opportunities to meet people and build my prospect database. Weekends were great because I had plenty of time to do some planning.

When I started, there wasn’t as much opportunity to use the Internet to promote. These days you can begin to write articles and drive people to your web site as you build and grow. As long as your business does not conflict with your job, you can promote all day long because it’s not in direct competition with your job. On the other hand you want to remain discrete.

You just have to make a decision. Do you really want to run a business? If so, make adjustments in your schedule and your life because you’re shooting for something that is much bigger than now. Right now, you may have to make sacrifices, but later it will all be worth it.

To sum it up…focus on getting a consistent schedule for planning and get a process in place for building your database of viable prospects that can replace and increase your current income from the job.

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Sherese Duncan

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