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May 10, 20160 Comments

Question: I’m having trouble organizing my brand goals. I have everything I need but just can’t seem to get going – please help!

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Sherese Answer: You’re probably overwhelmed and just need to get started. Let’s review a few things first:

Personal Brand Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, managing, and implementing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific personal career and brand goals and milestones. If your career goals and milestones are not inline with your personal brand, it may be the reason you’re stalled.

When you take on this type of task, it must truly be a task that is directly generated by your goals for your ultimate entrepreneur career. This is how it works…

  • Your master goals should only be limited to five per year. You can only complete so much in one year.
  • Break down your master goals into milestones (interim objectives that get you closer to the master goal).
  • Take a look at your milestones and determine if they are truly action steps vs. true interim steps to reach your goals.

I’m going to stop here because I’ve shared a lot of terminology.  This video is a great overview of how to begin answering questions about your personal brand:

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Sherese Duncan


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