Ask Effició: I dread doing research, where should I start?

November 9, 20130 Comments

Question:  I dread doing research and I know it’s time to do a major research project to ensure my new product sells.  Where should I start?

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Team Effició:  Depending on what you’re researching will determine the right resources to begin with, but a great place that we all forget about is our libraries.

Remember those people sitting at the reference desk?  They’re waiting for you! 

Go to the library, and pretend like you’ve never been to the library before and ask tons of questions.  Let them show you what they have including any Internet sources.  Also, let them show you how to use each of their resources.  This way you know what you’re working with and can begin organizing a research system to include your top five resources to get you started.

If you’re researching target market, we would suggest doing a survey electronically or over the phone.  Survey Monkey is a great service; in addition Google Docs can be used for surveys and you can customize to your hearts’ content!

The Internet has become the first “go to” resource for research of any kind because it’s an easy step.  Although, you have to be careful that you verity all sources as valid within your industry.   We can provide a more detailed approach if you share the details of the type of research you need and the product you’re selling.  Contact us at 866-934-2673 or email core (at)

To your success…Team Effició

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