Ask Effició: I’m having trouble starting a project, please help!

July 9, 20160 Comments

Too Many ProjectsQuestion:  I’m having trouble starting a project that I’ve been planning for some time.  I have everything I need but just can’t seem to get going – please help!

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Sherese Answer:   You’re probably overwhelmed and just need to get started.  Let’s review project management first:

Small Business Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, managing, and implementing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific business goals and milestones.  If your business goals and milestones are not in-line with your project, it may be the reason you’re stalled.

When you take on projects, it must truly be a project that is directly generated by your master goals for the business.

This is how it works…

  • Your master goals should only be limited to five per year.  You can only complete so much in one year.
  • Break down your master goals into milestones (interim objectives that get you closer to the master goal).
  • Take a look at your milestones and determine if they are a project or just operational workProject work should be determined using your project methodology (how you determine what is a project and categorize based on goals).  Operational work is those things that can be done in hours or days but don’t require a substantial amount of resources.

I’m going to stop here because I’ve shared a lot of terminology.

If you’ve lost direction stop and ask yourself or your team a couple of questions:

  1. What are we doing?
  2. Why are we doing it?
  3. What should we be doing?
  4. What should we do next?
  5. What shouldn’t we be doing?

This may help bring you back to your original reason for the project; remember it should be directly generated from one of your master goals/milestone.

Or…maybe you just need to get over yourself and begin item number 1!

Sherese Duncan

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