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August 10, 20170 Comments

TRANSMOGRIFICATION NOTE #8: Ask yourself this question: Are you (CEO/Owner) truly giving your best?

get_transmogrified_notesI’m challenging you to ask yourself this question because of recent encounters with outside resources that consider me their client. I have had the hardest time getting my expectations met as a customer. It has truly made me examine how I run my business and what my customers think of me.

To support the August challenge, here are a few more tips to become a savvy intelligent street smart CEO:

1. Collaborate: For the street savvy entrepreneur, collaboration means working together towards a common goal of adding value and increasing cash flow.  An example of this type of collaboration is a training program called “Picking a Buying Target Market” that I did in conjunction with a business colleague. I thought…who would provide the best benefit to my clients, the best benefit to my company, and who would get the best (win/win) benefit for their company.  I called up my friend Marcia Jackson because I knew she specialized in generational target market training. We collaborated to produce a live training which was recorded and transcribed to create a lasting product. Not only does the product produce cash flow for both of us, but it also adds incredible value to entrepreneurs because we combined our expertise and collaborated to produce a great product that is perpetual.


2. Hibernate: to dormant, to become inactive or go into a resting state for an extended period of time. There can be several levels of inactivity, so there will be different forms of hibernation. Why do savvy entrepreneurs hibernate? To renew and rejuvenate. If you’ve got in on my breaking barriers program you’ve read the story about the day I woke up and couldn’t see. I wear prescription glasses, so I put on my glasses and everything was blurry; not blurry when you don’t have on your glasses, blurry where it’s glassy and kind of surreal. I realized that I was completely exhausted – I had never experienced this type of exhaustion and from that point on I made it a point to hibernate at different times throughout the year. It’s about being in a state of rest. You may do some things here and there but you’re resting. You have to be ready to play the game.


3. Initiate: Savvy Entrepreneurs initiate by taking the strategic steps to bring ideas and strategies into being – it’s about being proactive and putting your stuff out there. Most often, what comes back is amazing. If you’re sitting back waiting for your call back – you’ll never ‘take it to the next level.’ Stop waiting and initiate!


4. Penetrate: Working your way through by overcoming resistance. You’ve heard the saying, penetrate the market or market penetration. For a savvy entrepreneur this means using various channels, alliances or partners that already have established relationships with many of your target customers and sell through them vs. selling to customers one at a time – this is the quickest way to penetrate a market. Bottom line you have to pick a buying target market and utilize key resources and tools to sell to many vs selling to one.


5. Delegate: for savvy entrepreneurs, to delegate is to transfer power to someone. It’s about leveraging the talents of others to perform low payoff activities you’re doing now that you could delegate to a savvy individual that will produce high payoff results for you and your business. For instance – bookkeeping, filtering emails and phone calls, handling customer service questions and requests, and handling your online profiles and requests from your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social accounts.  Transfer the power!

Take if from me, collaborating, hibernating, initiating, penetrating, and delegating are all savvy ways to play the ‘game’ called business.


Savvy entrepreneurs also Transmogrify!

Remember my personal quote, “In order to think out of the box; realize that there is no box!”

I look forward to inspiring and motivating you!  If you’re actively completing your tasks, how are you doing?

Your Transmogrifyer,

Sherese Duncan

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