When you talk about making choices it begins with YOU, in order to correct and enhance the not so perfect and good within you.  It’s about following your good mind, trusting in yourself, and not looking to others to do the work for you.  This translates directly to you, your career, your skills, your business, your lifestyle, and how you manage all these elements.

If you focus on delivering your excellence, you will transmogrify (to change into a different shape or form, one that is fantastic or bizarre) your person, your career, your skills, your business, and your lifestyle.  As these elements become refined, what emerges is first acceptable to YOU and then becomes acceptable and embraced by the community you serve through entrepreneurship and beyond.

It could mean making huge life changes, or changing businesses, but it could also mean changing your attitude towards your situation, your business, and/or your life. No matter what, you CAN get out of that space where you feel disengaged, discombobulated, and disconnected. You can free yourself from going on the same roller coaster ride you’ve been on. You can take advantage of an infinite amount of possibilities that are waiting for you.

It really is “a” choice!

You have to make a choice to be in control or be controlled, to be influential or to be influenced, or to be a leader or to be the follower (this is okay as long as you make the choice!).  Making “my choice” put things in perspective for me as I was building and growing Effició.  I’ve always been the one who does things a little differently, and most of the time I’m going against the grain.  Entrepreneurs make the mistake of doing everything other people tell them to do without taking the time to research and apply the information based on their business, their mindset, their abilities, their knowledge, and their heart.

You have chosen a path, entrepreneurship, that will provide you with Freedom of the Mind, Freedom of the Heart, and Freedom of the Soul if you fully transmogrify.  At this very moment, YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  If you maintain that control (by transmogrifying), you will no longer be a follower; you will emerge as the visionary and ultimately an ICON of entrepreneurship.

What you envision your entrepreneurial career to be is going to make the difference.  Remember, your total entrepreneurial career represents something larger than what is on the surface.  Whatever it is, find out what it is.  This is what will differentiate you in the marketplace.

It’s time to make a decision.

It’s time to make a decision about the future of your entrepreneurial career!  You have to make a choice to be competitive or to win!

No matter your choice you have to make a decision one way or the other.  Why?  The longer you waiver, the harder the work becomes and the worse your fear will cripple you.  Once you make the decision to take control of your future (in every aspect) and embrace your organic roots; then it’s time to create the total entrepreneurial career as you envision it to be.

Time for Action!  Don’t skip any steps!!  Even if you feel the action has already been done, re-evaluate, and update.

Own Up To Everything!

Get your OWN UP (OU for short) list completed.

Your OU list is a complete list of all your failures, doubts, fears, challenges and problems – you can go back as many years as you want, that’s up to you. Nothing related to your business should be on this list, i.e. no cash, no team, low sales, need to do a website – none of this. This list includes everything about you and your skills, your mindset, your abilities, your character, your philosophy, and your person. YOU are the business so transmogrification starts with YOU.

Even if you think you’ve got it together, still complete this list. Basically, I want you to get every single negative, downtrodden, debilitating thought, situation, issue, and everything in between, out and documented. I want all of this information out of your brain, out of your heart and we’re going to deal with them together.

Why? In order to get to the CORE of anything, we have to deal with YOU head-on.

Take the next 21 days to complete this task. Translation: put this on your calendar as an action item with a completion date 21 days from today.

If you have time, you can also:

  • Evaluate Your Current Skills and Education and Determine New Plans for Learning
  • Evaluate Your Current Performance and Determine What Needs to Change

Sherese Duncan

© Effició, Inc.

p.s. Learn more about our strategic development program.

*I would love to hear how it’s going, so be sure to keep me updated by commenting below!

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