At the Interface, an Effició Learning Community

Our learning community, At the Interface℠ (A|I), was created to bring intelligence together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, the aim is to engage in conversations that are innovative, imaginative, and creatively interactive.

Entrepreneurship extends to all disciplines, providing a unique opportunity for diverse community engagement. At the Interface℠ (A|I) encourages connection, collaboration, and community to enable the exploration of subjects beyond the boundaries of what entrepreneurship usually entails and share new, challenging, and richly rewarding perspectives. We want to have dialogue that illuminates one’s area of work, suggests new possibilities for entrepreneurship and business development, and creates opportunities for future inquiries and research.

COMMUNITY MISSION: Encourage creative and proactive execution.

We understand and continue to learn the full scope of what it takes for an entrepreneur to achieve.  As we build our businesses and create multiple streams of cash flow, there is work to be done, deadlines to meet, projects and people to manage, and finances to keep track of; all with very little time to sit, vent, get answers, and think everything out before the next deadline.

At the heart of A|I are our Intelligence Reports. By sharing cross-disciplinary insights and perspectives. A|I Intelligence Reports are designed to be both exploratory examinations of particular areas and issues and rigorous inquiries into specific subjects.

Our learning community goal is to drive better business decisions through research, dialogue, and conversations.

The collective of all community benefits gives you an opportunity to get to the CORE of what it takes to do ‘whatever you want to do’ in your entrepreneurial career and in your business venture(s). As you work through each community benefit, you will discover:

  • How to Increase your revenue potential.
  • How to Sharpen your vision, where you are going, and why.
  • The drivers that Create results in all areas of your business.
  • How to Design a realistic and executable path to what you really want as an entrepreneur.
  • How to Evaluate and measure skills, productivity, and marketability.
  • How to Reinvent your business by transmogrifying!!
  • How to Engage in the right activities to grow your business.
  • How to Transition from forced action to inspired action.
  • How to Manifest the entrepreneurial experience within your business culture.

and more!

Become a student with us and access A|I to discuss, share, ask, and receive. We are going to transmogrify, get to the core, dig deep, and get rooted.

Learning Community Benefits

Join us to access monthly analysis + strategies + answers to support your business operations and entrepreneurial career through the following benefits:

1. Intelligence reports We are investigating strategic answers to key business questions and we want to share them with you. We aim to share “key findings” from trends, patterns, data relationships, and research relative to business operations, systems, strategy, and marketability.

2. “What are the findings?” Live Webcasts reviewing the intelligence reports’ findings and how to apply them to business operations; in addition, learn our critique techniques that help drive innovation and sustainability.

3. The CORE Diaries™ Reality Shows Access live and on demand interviews with strategists, researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders covering topics that impact strategic direction. Plus! Watch live recorded private sessions with some of our brave clients getting to the core of their business.

4. Getting to the CORE of business™, Effició Talk, and At the Interface podcasts We’re sharing red diamond nuggets to help you become progressive, proactive, and ultimately transmogrified. You will learn the concept of growth, next level, forward direction, reinvention, and most importantly innovation.

5. Conversation Café supports bottom-line understanding of how to transition to new levels of leadership in your entrepreneurial career and within your organization to drive better decisions through strategic conversations.

Let’s begin a fun and exciting journey to the CORE together!

If you’re ready for Effició to become your strategic partner, review the full education program.

If you’re familiar with us and are ready to move forward, begin your online application.

If you want to explore a detailed overview of our education join the next Education Program and CORE Concept information session.

We’re ready…are you?

If have general questions call 866-934-2673 ext. 701 or email core @ to speak with one of our team members.

We’re ready to serve you with innovative technologies, creative team members, and premier entrepreneur education that stay true to the Effició Brand: Getting to the CORE of Business.

Privacy: We keep all information shared confidential and secure.  We do not sell, rent, or loan client contact information to anyone at any time.  You can contact us directly at 866-934-2673 if you have questions about how we store and secure your information or check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide strategic resources and programs consistently.

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