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About Effició Media

At Effició, Inc. we believe that business education should include serious introspection. We need to face ourselves, settle our inner turmoil, and conquer negativity. We can each become the success we want to be. Effició Media was launched in 2005 to expand this mission by providing a medium for our guests and listeners to come together. With wonderful guests and a collaborative format, we’re on our way to becoming the preferred source of action-oriented quality multimedia programming focused on ambitious, industry-savvy leaders.

Effició Media Vision
To provide accessible advice and tools to help our clients expand their reach globally and to build and grow their businesses exponentially.

Effició Media Mission
Our mission is to promote the growth, prosperity, and well-being of those we serve (our listeners and sponsors).

Effició Media Commitment
To provide the best possible experience for our listeners by matching our content with a highly-targeted business audience.

>>Current Effició Radio Shows

Effició Talk: The Community, The Team, The CEO

When you’re the leader of a business, you have to have an edge that makes the most of your personality strengths, your verbal and written communications, and how you influence others in order to build better relationships in business, especially with those who you deem to be your mentors, trainers and coaches. Join us for “live conversations” with community members to get a taste of Transmogrification, No Box Thinking, and The Street Perspective of business ownership.

Getting to the CORE of business™ podcast

“Getting to the CORE of Business” podcast brings direct, honest, and enthralling discussions to executive entrepreneurs who need solutions to seal the deal, elevate business, and increase cash flow. Real talk, real quick, and on demand. We will share personal experiences, entrepreneurial life lessons, and tips to help executive business owners in today’s marketplace develop a stronger business mindset and focused intellectual rigor.

At the Interface: Research, Industry, Education

Entrepreneurship extends to many disciplines which provides a unique opportunity for diverse community engagement. At the Interface (ATI) encourages connection, collaboration, and community to enable exploration of subjects beyond the boundaries of what entrepreneurship usually entails and share in perspectives that are new, challenging, and richly rewarding. We will dialogue with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings to illuminate one’s area of work, suggest new possibilities for entrepreneurship and business development, and create opportunities for future inquiries and research.

>>Current Effició TV Shows

The CORE Diaries™ 

The premise behind the show is to show real entrepreneurs participating and documenting their path to their red diamond business.  Watch live recorded private sessions with some of our brave clients getting to the core of their business. We’re going to share their CORE stories, explosions – wrong turns – successes – triumphs, and everything in between. Plus!! Access live and on demand interviews with strategists, researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders covering topics that impact strategic direction. 

Effició media programming is one of many benefits available in our community. Here are the full community benefits:

1. Intelligence reports.
2. “What are the findings?” Webcasts.
3. Getting to the CORE of business™ playbook (110+ Pages).
4. The CORE Diaries™ Reality Shows.
5. Getting to the CORE of business™, Effició Talk, and At the Interface podcasts.
6. Conversation Café strategic conversations.
7. Live Two-Hour GTCB Course offered quarterly.

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