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Let’s begin our dig together!

Getting to the CORE of business™ playbook is your first taste of “digging to the core” education (110+ Pages). The GTCB playbook will allow you to understand the full process you must go through to prepare for your CORE dig. You’ll access red diamond nuggets of information that will rev up your thinking and doing mindsets. The playbook also covers our education program in detail including how to navigate through learning, where you will begin your work, and most importantly, how to prepare for the strategic work you’re about to dig into.

Also included are (11) “get to the CORE” plays to take action on immediately:

  • “get to your CORE” Play #1: Decide to Become Extraordinary
  • “get to your CORE” Play #2: When You Start You Must Finish
  • “get to your CORE” Play #3: Marketing is Only One Piece
  • “get to your CORE” Play #4: Own Up and Get to Work
  • “get to your CORE” Play #5: Make the Intangible Tangible
  • “get to your CORE” Play #6: Fully Engage with Your Educator
  • “get to your CORE” Play #7: How to Go In and Out of the “Box” Fluidly
  • “get to your CORE” Play #8: Get a Personality with Personification
  • “get to your CORE” Play #9: Become Progressively Proactive
  • “get to your CORE” Play #10: Get Immersed, Fully Engaged, and Invested
  • “get to your CORE” Play #11: Prepare for Transmogrification

Plus action steps for each play!

We are going to transmogrify, get to the core, dig deep, and get rooted.

In addition to your playbook, you’ll access our growing community to receive monthly intelligence reports and access to our live webcasts.

The CORE Playbook is one of many benefits available in our community. Here are the full community benefits:

1. Intelligence reports.
2. “What are the findings?” Webcasts.
3. Getting to the CORE of business™ playbook (110+ Pages).
4. The CORE Diaries™ Reality Show.
5. Getting to the CORE of business™ podcast.
6. Conversation Café strategic conversations.
7. Live Two-Hour GTCB Course offered quarterly.

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