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At the heart of our community, A|I, are our Intelligence Reports. By sharing cross-disciplinary insights and perspectives. A|I Intelligence Reports are designed to be both exploratory examinations of particular areas and issues, and rigorous inquiries into specific subjects.

Our community goal is to drive better business decisions through research, dialogue, and conversations.

We aim to share “key findings” from trends, patterns, data relationships, and research relative to business operations, systems, strategy, and marketability. We analyze business questions in the entrepreneurship, marketing, psychology, and sociology research and practitioner domains, that provide direction, sources, and opportunities that ambitious leaders can use in their strategic planning and execution.

Report Format: Each report will showcase a business question, the findings, an analysis, and a list of sources. You will also have an opportunity to discuss during our quarterly webcasts. Click here to view a sample issue.

Intelligence Reports is one of many benefits available in our community. Here are the full community benefits:

1. Intelligence reports.
2. “What are the findings?” Webcasts.
3. Getting to the CORE of business™ playbook (110+ Pages).
4. The CORE Diaries™ Reality Shows.
5. Getting to the CORE of business™, Effició Talk, and At the Interface podcasts.
6. Conversation Café strategic conversations.
7. Live Two-Hour GTCB Course offered quarterly.

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