Effició’s consulting and advising programs contain very specific information on operating your business profitably and with longevity.  It is progressive, direct, and focused on strategy and execution. If you need direction, immediate solutions, idea generation help, implementation steps, strategic development skills, or any other support then you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled, organized, categorized, and packaged over two decades’ worth of execution-oriented business strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Consulting and Advising.

Our uniquely designed services are customized to fit the needs of you and your organization.  We are direct, honest, and interactive.  Depending on your needs, our services will show you how to increase the effectiveness of your learning and how to apply it to your daily business operations.

If you’re in a place, in sustaining and growing your business, where you need strategic support in order to move forward, even if it’s a small step, then we’re here for you. We know firsthand how difficult, isolating, and frustrating it can be without help from someone who can support a focused path to success. This is one of the many reasons why we offer strategic consulting and advising services. Our consulting and advising provide strategic discussions centered around immediate solutions.



Portfolio Planning Week Teleseminars

Executive Portfolio (eportfolio) Planning Week – Your intellect, your identity, your business, and your legacy represent a complete executive portfolio and it must reflect a clearly defined value foundation, investment strategy, and documentation blueprint. We can function as your portfolio investor by performing education and training to help you create the most valuable portfolio through carefully planned, organized and executed activities.

Join us to learn about the four main areas of your executive portfolio (intellect, identity, business, and legacy) along with strategic steps to implement throughout your business career.



Executive Strategy Group (ESG)

Sherese Duncan, Effició’s CEO, has formed the Executive Strategy Group (SBSG) to support strategy implementation for executive level business owners and entrepreneurs.  The ESG is a monthly program focused on supporting the full implementation and management of your Strategic Planning System™ taught in the Getting to the CORE of Business curriculum. The Executive Strategy Group sessions and training entail a candid give-and-take, where trusted peers ask each other tough, in-depth questions that get to the CORE of business problems. 



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