Playing the business game can mean many different things depending on the who, what, where, and how within your business model. It also can depend on your competition, direct or indirect. As we build our businesses, we become the business. We identify with the business to the point that we forget who we really are as the owner, the founder, the CEO, whichever appeals to you.

What happens?? You begin to play against yourself, instead of those around you. The “right” opponent is the competition, it’s the interaction, relationships, and connection. Winning the game is not always about beating out the competition, it will depend on you and your identity that is separate from – yet connected with – your business identity.

This can get confusing.

This is where Effició’s “there is no box” philosophy comes into the picture.  Learn how to play the business game with your competition the right way and stop playing the business game with yourself (your mind, your doubts, your shortcomings, your fears) yes, YOU!

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Effició, Inc. is a Small Business Education company designed to educate, coach, consult, and train entrepreneurs on how to build strong, sound, solid, and streamlined business infrastructure and operations. In the process, our clients build transferable business skills and abilities while rediscovering the natural learning they have. This process allows our clients to implement business concepts, utilize strategic thinking, provide real value and achieve outstanding results for the life of their business.


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