Everything you do and everything you aspire to be should incorporate value, competency, benefit, perception,  and credentials. This becomes your verbal foundation to stay focused and aligned with your vision. You should define them based on your culture and strategy, ensure the definitions are perpetual, and learn how to speak them powerfully! Keep in mind, communication is the delivery of a message through verbal and non-verbal techniques. Talking is simple; communication, which means an exchange or communion with another, requires greater skill.

The way you act and react through non-verbal and/or verbal communication, often naturally, related to feelings, perceptions, or beliefs about things, people, objects, and sometimes the relationships between them, define your reality. Creating a verbal foundation can support your efforts to speak authentically!

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Effició, Inc. is a Small Business Education company designed to educate, coach, consult, and train entrepreneurs on how to build strong, sound, solid, and streamlined business infrastructure and operations. In the process, our clients build transferable business skills and abilities while rediscovering the natural learning they have. This process allows our clients to implement business concepts, utilize strategic thinking, provide real value and achieve outstanding results for the life of their business.


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