There is an order to things and there should be an order to things within your business, within your development, and most areas of your life.

Simple protocol. This keeps chaos from taking over.

Don’t think of this as rules, laws, regulations, or barriers that prevent or disconnect; just simple protocol. It’s rooted in your respect for your business, your procedures, your team, your clients, and your responsibility as a citizen.

Respect your business’ protocol, make sure your culture supports it, and your clients understand the necessity of it.

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Effició, Inc. is a Small Business Education company designed to educate, coach, consult, and train entrepreneurs on how to build strong, sound, solid, and streamlined business infrastructure and operations. In the process, our clients build transferable business skills and abilities while rediscovering the natural learning they have. This process allows our clients to implement business concepts, utilize strategic thinking, provide real value and achieve outstanding results for the life of their business.


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