We all have pain points within our businesses and we want them to instantly go away. You want the business to produce right now, it’s time, all the work, all the investment, you’re ready for the right now. However, there are things that may not provide instant relief. You think, money, yes, money will relieve this pain. You think, support staff, yes, if only I had more staff then the pain will go away. You just want to feel better right now! Honestly, there are many programs that provide instant relief; they promise gratification, success, clients, profits, in 30 days or 90 days in six weeks, in two hours, there are many promises and rewards. And they will happen, that’s the deception.

Sometimes, after the promised time frame, the pain is still there, or it comes back because you never revealed the true source of the pain. Or maybe you didn’t address it the right way, so the instant relief came at a price. The price of your daily contentment.

To have contentment at the end of “every” day, focus on instant “release” while relieving the pain source.

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