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Conversation Cafe 01: Your Personal Foundation

August 27, 20180 Comments

The driving force of Efficio’s CORE formula is commitment. People commit themselves to all kinds of things; causes, hobbies, other people, and many more. Just being able to make a commitment doesn’t automatically lead to success. If you’re going to get to the CORE, you have to be someone who has commitment coupled with desire, drive, strong discipline and determination.

On this month’s Conversation Café podcast, we discussed “Why Get to the CORE and Your Personal Foundation”

Getting to the CORE involves the central task of building profitable infrastructures; but if you’re not in good shape then your infrastructure will eventually crumble.

Starting the Conversation:

Conversation Café Team

Full details on this month’s conversation below…


Define What It Means to Get to the CORE of YOUR Business

The first thing I ask new entrepreneurial students is, “Have you checked out the dirt you’ve built your strategy on top of?” They look at me strange but the more we talk and the more they begin to experience the CORE, they began to understand; you have to go underground literally and figuratively in order to get to your CORE.

The driving force of Efficio’s CORE formula is commitment. People commit themselves to all kinds of things; causes, hobbies, other people, and many more. Just being able to make a commitment doesn’t automatically lead to success. If you’re going to get to the CORE, you have to be someone who has commitment coupled with desire, drive, strong discipline and determination.

You not only have to have the ideas, but you also have to be willing and able to turn them into tangible results. You have to have clarity of purpose, you must be clear on the results desired, and you must be clear on why you do what you do.

We’ve mentioned the words “getting to the CORE” often; now it’s time for you to understand what it really means. Remember, you have to get to the CORE (raw purpose) of your business and build from that.

The CORE we’re referring to is the location where an entity (your business and your career) that is natural, strong, pure, inviting, invigorating, enlightening, life changing, community changing, and perpetual, exists. When I say, “getting to the CORE of business,” I’m referring to your responsibility as a business owner to be successful. In order to not only be successful but to actually define your success on your terms, you have to dig, dig, and dig until you have built a solid business entity. It produces income, cash, profits, and wealth consistently over time.
In order to get to the core you have to engage in a strategic journey which involves a systematic process. Not everyone can help you take the journey – go through systematic processes – and ultimately get to YOUR CORE, and not everyone makes it to the CORE the first go round.

The process of Getting to the CORE (meaning understanding your business in its pure form and building from there) can be lonely, confusing, and frustrating because you don’t know what’s there until you get there. If you’re not bringing in the wealth, profits, income and cash you WANT (key word here), there is a very simple yet complex reason.

You’re not getting to the “CORE.”

Not only are you not getting to the CORE, you may be thinking that if you come up with the best marketing strategy everything will be fine. You may be thinking that you need to do more networking, you need to have more time to sell, or that you need to have a better web site. You may even think that if you could just get that loan, it will solve all your problems.

But those are not the right things if you haven’t gotten to the ‘CORE’. After all, you’ve tried many business strategies to some degree, haven’t you? If they really worked, you would be doing them consistently, right? So why isn’t your business producing the wealth, profits, income and cash you WANT?

Because you haven’t gotten to the CORE.

Only those who take the journey to the CORE will get to their CORE and build the right infrastructure to support and insulate their CORE.

Before you begin your dig, you have to learn about the Red Diamond because that’s what you’re searching for. Once you find, support, and insulate your core with the right infrastructure, you’re ready to excavate and present your Red Diamond Business.

I discovered a great relationship between building a profitable business and mining for diamonds – It’s called Effició’s Red Diamond Blueprint Model.

Why the Red Diamond?
To get to the CORE and mine your red diamond business, you should follow a process similar to the process of mining for diamonds, specifically the Red Diamond.

The Red Diamond is the most valuable diamond in the world. When one comes to the market place – buyers instantly come without hesitation. There is no need to perform massive marketing campaigns. This is what a business owner should be shooting for – to be attractive, strong, and alluring so that they don’t have to beg people to buy from them – their target market demands their solution.

We use a systematic process called The Red Diamond Blueprint Model to guide entrepreneurs on the road to perpetuity and profitability. Through this model, we provide knowledge, training, resources, support, and direction on strategy, business, technology automation, financial management, human capital, and marketing. These six blueprints make up a balanced business and are delivered through multiple mediums of delivery; all based on efficiency, thoroughness, and specificity.

What can a Red Diamond tell you about Business? That you don’t have to constantly battle for market share.

What do Red Diamonds and Business have to do with each other? The red diamond signifies something rare, priceless, and very hard to get. The red diamond is a symbol of the result of planning, preparation, research, discovery, and execution; all those things that are necessary to do the groundwork to reach greatness for your business.

Businesses are everywhere, but the great ones that last are rare. Of course you have to understand your motives for going into business, whether you’re in it to sell the business, in it to make money, or in it to help people—but are you in it for the red diamond? Whatever your business strategy may be – the red diamond should be what you’re trying to achieve.

In order for your red diamond to serve its purpose, you need to discover where it is, explore the area you’ve chosen, and then excavate, cut, and polish your red diamond. Sounds pretty simple, right? But consider this: These days you can excavate a diamond and present it for sale pretty easily and quickly. And that’s how many small business owners approach starting a business. You follow the easy steps to business success, get your diamond, and boom, you’re in business.

The question is do you want a diamond or a red diamond?

To acquire the red diamond, the rarest and most valuable diamond in the world, takes more than theory, methodologies, and proven steps. You must get to the ‘CORE.’ Some get side-tracked, some stop and never continue, some even take the shortcuts, but those that take the full journey, explosions and all, will get to the CORE.

Getting to the CORE with EfficioCEO Action: Get Your Personal Foundation in Order

Even though I’ve provided some idea of what CORE means; the only way you will fully understand based on your own unique situation, is to begin the process of getting to the CORE and focus on acquiring your Red Diamond. I promise you this is not a sales trick; you can ask our clientele, students, and protégé’s and they will tell you – they had no idea until they actually began the CORE journey.

In order to begin, you have to clean out your personal basement.

Getting to the CORE involves the central task of building profitable infrastructures; but if you’re not in good shape then your infrastructure will eventually crumble.  In order to achieve greatness you must get your house in order and clean out your basement.

What does that mean?

It means getting rid of all the excess baggage so that you can focus and think clearly.  If you continue to carry the excess baggage from year to year, month to month, and day to day greatness will never be as fulfilling as it should.

To work on your personal foundation, we’re going to start in the basement and work our way to the top.

What is Personal Foundation? Your Personal Foundation is the basis that supports you. It holds you up, and upon it you are able to build whatever you desire. It’s like the basement of your heart. However, if you don’t check it periodically you could find where damage has occurred causing cracks thus, rendering it weak and sometimes unsafe to build on.

These cracks could be in the form of fears you’ve developed due to words of discouragement or negative feelings that keep you from doing what your heart desires. Whether its going back to school to earn your degree, getting married, raising children, growing your business or just being happy with the life you already have.

We’re going to get our house in order by patching up the cracks and cleaning out our basements.   In this case of repairing our personal foundation, there are a few steps that must be taken:

1) Identify and assess the problem area. If you see cracks, we’ll call them; determine if they are affecting your ability to take action on issues that are important to you. If they are, you need to repair the cracks. You need to clearly define what it will take repair and move forward.  This involves being real about the cracks and facing the reality of being real –  it sounds crazy, however, read this sentence again.

Clean Out Your Personal Basement by Getting to the CORE with Efficio2) How are the cracks you’ve found affecting you? Are you able to keep a clear head about the cracks? Keeping a clear head means being able to honestly say you have not gotten past the obstacle(s) or crack(s). How do you know if it’s affecting you?  Because you still can’t progress to your next level.

3) Are you willing to repair it and know it’s fixed? You must find a way to resolve the issues related to your cracks, no matter what your head is saying. So don’t walk away saying, “That doesn’t bother me anymore,” and in your basement, it’s killing you. Only you will know what you need to do to accomplish that task. You will have to resolve it in order to move forward in every facet of your life.

4) Get rid of all the junk in your basement that you’ve let hang around, and it’s become toleration. Stop taking it. If you’ve been tired of going into your closet and having things falling down on you, clean it up. Stop tolerating it. If your windshield wiper is not working properly, stop taking it, stop at a garage somewhere, and get it fixed. If you’re constantly saying yes to things you want to say no to, stop tolerating it. It really is the little things that take our energy, stop tolerating them.

It’s your choice.

5) Assess your morals, values and standards. There are certain things you believe in and no one can change your mind about them. It could be from the way you were raised or religious beliefs. The same is true for your standards. For example, we all know what we look for in a companion, and we won’t settle for less. But sometimes we tend to settle because we’re lonely or we feel we can’t get any better.

This is settling for less.

When you stick to your standards you have in place for yourself, you don’t and you won’t settle for less.

6) Set boundaries and live by them. Boundaries are necessary.  They keep you safe. They make it so that when you feel uncomfortable, you know someone is crossing that safe space.  Never be afraid to tell anyone they are crossing that line and to step back.

7) Appreciate yourself as you are, right now, this very day, this very moment. We all have a tremendous amount to offer this world, but weather we give it is up to us.

8) Start a reserve of cash flow for yourself. Life is so much better when you don’t have the worries of money. Start a habit by putting back a little every week, just to start. If you are a bad manager of money, think about taking a money management course. You have to be willing to take action to make it work.

9) Take good care of yourself, medically, mentally and physically. If you’re not healthy, how can you possibly grow?  If you’re working too much, not getting enough sleep, not eating properly or worrying too much, you can’t build anymore. You’ll find yourself in a rut, chasing your tail. Again, you’re using all your energy in negative ways. Those things that you think are good, you’ve just used to defeat yourself.

10) Force yourself to acknowledge and take pleasure of all the beautiful things in life that are free. Take the time to hear the birds sing this spring (sounds corny but it’s fascinating). Notice the flowers that have bloomed for years in the neighbor’s yard, that you’ve never noticed before. Go to the park and listen to the children laughing. Have lunch with a friend from a long time ago and laugh till your sides hurt. Finally take your dog for that walk you’ve been promising for the past year!  This is what makes life beautiful!

After the repairs are done, you will be ready to continue to build and add on to this structurally sound foundation at which time you can begin your CORE journey.

It’s totally up to you.

CEO To Do:

Create your list of how and when you will clean out your personal basement.

I would like to hear how it’s going, keep me updated by commenting below!

Your Transmogrifyer

Sherese Duncan

p.s.  Remember, your overriding CORE objective is to Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!

How are you going to commit to this month’s action step?  Share in the comments

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