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Conversation Wednesdays with Efficio

July 19, 20170 Comments

Effició’s Conversation Café Returns!!

Attractive African businesswoman.It’s a FACT the long and goal directed weeks of conversations are necessary as well as beneficial for your entrepreneurial success!! Often, it is a task to just get out of bed on Monday morning. It’s a normal feeling. With Efficio and our MID WEEK CONVERSATIONS you will surely be motivated to kick into 2nd gear.

Join us for Conversation Wednesdays with Efficio!

This is your time to come kick back, relax, relate, and release through intelligent and professional conversations on various business topics! You may have joined us during our LIVE Conversation Café Call and maybe even continued conversation about CEO Skills related to our LIVE CALL TOPICS on twitter #COREBizChat.

You may have thought that was it! Well…

We have another opportunity to connect and engage… You can now join us on our Social Networks every fourth Wednesday.

Conversation Café and #COREBizChat are great, but you know the saying “time fly’s when you’re having fun,” we wanted to make a full day devoted to conversations, engagement and connecting. We provide the conversation opportunity for your voice to be heard! After CONVERSATION WEDNESDAY with Efficio you are sure to be rejuvenated with new ideas and perspectives to continue your productive week!

Mark your calendars to make sure you don’t miss Conversation Wednesdays with Efficio!

We are GETTING YOU OVER THE HUMP with four different conversation options! I’m positive you will find your fit and make it a must week by week to join our informative and exciting conversational topics!

Learn more about Conversation Cafe!  To get notice of our first topic and access to the live recorded call, become a community subscriber!


Conversation Cafe with Effició for Executive Entrepreneurs:

  1. Start the CORE Conversation “getting to the CORE Conversation” podcast every second Wednesday!
  2. Continue the CORE Conversation on #COREBizChat every third Wednesday!
  3. Keep the CORE Conversation Going on our Social Networks every fourth Wednesday!


Team Effició

p.s. Make sure to connect with @efficio, and @shereseduncan!

p.s.s. Connect with us on all of our networks! Check our our Social Page.

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