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Effició has developed an opportunity for CEOs, Founders, and Owners of small to medium-sized businesses to Transmogrify through Conversations!

Social rules: Have fun, but stay professional and on topic.
Where: All Efficio Social Networks and Membership Groups.
When: 24/7
How: Just connect with Team Efficio and let’s start socializing! We’ll post links, resources, questions, and much more.

We understand the full scope of what it takes for an entrepreneur to achieve.  As we continue to build businesses and create multiple streams of cash flow, there is work to be done, deadlines to meet, projects and people to manage, finances to keep track of; all with very little time to sit, vent, get answers, and think everything out before the next deadline.


MISSION:  We want to dialogue with you about the obstacles you’re facing within your TOTAL entrepreneurial career and your TOTAL business operations, not just one aspect.

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Check out some of our networks, groups, and tools below (partial list):

Effició Conversations

Effició Conversations provides a bottom-line discussion so that entrepreneurs can transition to new levels of achievement in their entrepreneurial careers and within their organizations.

Our goal is to drive better business decisions through dialogue and conversations.

In a competitive global economy, entrepreneurs reaching higher levels of success must surround themselves with intellectual conversation. With Efficio, CEOs, Founders, and Owners, you’ll actually experience intelligent information you can use right away!

Don’t hold back, you deserve to have a team that will support you and your business’ best interest!

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CEO Life, Tuesday’s, 10:30 am Eastern

*March/April:  Adjusting Your Attitude, Your Mind, and Your Voice

At the Interface, Friday’s, 12:30 pm Eastern

*April:  How Marketing and Entrepreneurship Informs and Disrupts

  • April 16 Marketing | Entrepreneurship: Disciplines, Domains, & Disruption
  • April 30 Marketing | Entrepreneurship: Power, Social, & Influence

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Connecting and Socializing

Social Networking with EfficioSocial networking is the “what,” and social media is the “how.“ We try to participate actively and be willing to immerse in social media practices — web forums, blogs, virtual worlds, and social communities. Socialize with Efficio on the networks below.

Looking forward to staying connected!

Talking, Networking, & Schmoozing!

Networking Online with EntrepreneursTalking, Networking, and Schmoozing is about connecting with people in a mutually productive and fun way — a skill that has taken on new importance in our fragmented, harried, fiber-optic-laced world. Our goal is to develop a support system, a web of people we know who we can call, and who can call us, for mutual business benefit.

For Efficio, learning about new industries, new techniques, and new ways of doing business is neither a project nor a process. It’s an integral part of our entrepreneurial life.

Here are our top niche networks for not only talking, networking, and schmoozing, but also for learning, growing, and motivating:


Team Effició

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