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Getting to the CORE of Business®Course for Entrepreneur CEO’s, Founders, and Owners

CEO…are you ready to take clear and concise action?

There are a lot of entrepreneur CEO’s who are “ready to get to the CORE.” They’re building a profitable cash-rich business, however, they are looking for structured entrepreneurial development or specific instructions. In order to get to the core you have to engage in a strategic journey which involves a systematic process. Not everyone can help you take the journey – go through systematic processes – and ultimately get to YOUR CORE, and not everyone wants to get to the CORE. Freedom, flexibility and a perpetual bottom line is attainable; however, sustaining this level of attainment is the goal. It takes Clear and Concise Action.

No more excuses.

I will provide specific information on how to begin Getting to the CORE of Your Business!

The ideal Entrepreneurial CEO Student for CORE: CEO’s, Partners and Founders of businesses with 0-50 employees who are building a practice, a firm, or a company in addition to building a success team that allows them to create true wealth and achieve executive lifestyle goals. You who are trying to move from tactical (day to day grind) to strategic roles (vision and innovation focused). This course is also for senior executives within three reporting relationships of the CEO who are ready to participate in advanced educational experiences including executive level learning, masterminding and execution of visionary business initiatives. 

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Get ready to engage in a true learning experience!

Clear and Concise action is centered around learning how to operate your small business and take complete ownership of daily activities. Once you’ve taken ownership, it’s a matter of taking strategic action steps to create perpetual motion within your business; in other words…you have to Get to the CORE of Your Business!®

Getting to the CORE of Business® is about engaging in a strategic process and building your full Business System. Our CORE concept is designed to give you the infrastructure you need to protect you from outside forces that can hinder your progress.

When I say, “getting to the CORE of business,” I’m referring to your responsibility as the CEO to build a solid business that produces income, cash, profits, and wealth consistently over time. In order to get to the CORE you have to engage in a strategic journey which involves a systematic process we call The Red Diamond Blueprint Model.™

Comprehensive Accelerated Development

The first thing we’ll tackle in this course is Transmogrification and defining your Entrepreneurial Identity – from the CEO viewpoint.

The main thing I want you to understand…eventually you will come to a crossroads (every successful entrepreneur does) and it will be time to choose to do the “operational” work for your business…or not. When you come to that crossroad, I want you to be ready to take the right path and “be able” to choose to move forward (there are many obstacles that can keep you from making the right choices in business).

If you’re a CEO, Founder, or Owner of a small firm (no matter how long) and need to understand how to lead and operate your business venture beyond starting, growing, marketing and working, then this course if for you!

Course Content

  • Introduction: What Does “Getting to the CORE of Business®” Really MeanThe process of getting to the CORE (understanding your business in its raw form and building from there) can be lonely, confusing, and frustrating because you don’t know what’s there until you get there. I’ll share the “CORE details” of our Getting to the CORE of Business concept. You can’t get to the CORE without getting prepared – we’re going to discuss your business and the owner (that means you) and how both can affect your business’ success.
  • Section 1: Get Transmogrified and Gain Identity
    You have to be proactive and not wait for the crisis to get energy against you before you choose to get things done. Although, in order to have energy, get things done and be proactive you have to prepare you and your business to become the strategic, focused and profitable power house needed to sustain and maintain. This goes for all entrepreneurs at every level; preparation is key to EVERYTHING and it’s a step that needs to be practiced consistently throughout the life of your business!
  • Section 2: Marketability, Culture, and Brand…Cultivating the “DNA” of Your Business
    The word culture, generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance. In business, Culture is “The foundation of why you’re in business and the framework for how you do business.” A Business Culture consists of five elements that are “practiced and passed on to the business team.” I’ll discuss why this step is so important and how to tie your business’ marketability, culture and brand development together in order to set the standard of behavior for you, your team and your business. Once you’ve created and have begun practicing your CORE Culture, you’ll see a positive change in your business almost instantly!
  • Section 3: Operational Systems Design, Implementation and Integration
    Today’s entrepreneurial landscape demands that business owners take the time to think, plan and manage on a higher level. Strategy and Systems coupled together creates the framework for your business model. The business model is then executed by business operations. Business Operations is supported by the business infrastructure. I’ll show you how to define, develop, implement and manage systems and processes by learning how systems and processes work for YOUR business and how to create the right ones so your productivity ratio is consistent with profit and cash-flow goals.  Don’t worry, I make this very simple and approachable for entrepreneurs who take this course.
  • Section 4: Get to the CORE of Your Business – Full Excavation and Cultivation In order to excavate properly, you must not only develop transferable skills in order to permit accurate interpretation, you must also apply these skills strategically, which should lead to discussion, understanding and strategic execution. As an entrepreneur, your goal is to operate a business that is viable, profitable and durable. One of the keys to operating a business efficiently is recognizing that the product or service you offer doesn’t make the business. The business is all of the systems and structures that are built up to support whatever product or service you sell. But in order for the business to prosper based on the systems and processes you’ve built, you have to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the structure and success of those systems and processes.

Getting to the CORE of Your Business® will transform your thinking, upgrade your skills, and breathe new life into your business.

It’s time to Engage…

**IMPORTANT**You should have your own business offering services and/or products that you sell or distribute to consumers or businesses to benefit from this course.

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Take this course and let us show you what Getting to the CORE of Business® is all about!


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