Create an Environment that Facilitates Execution

October 10, 20190 Comments

Stop spending all of your time on the little things.

This year is already moving pretty fast, therefore, your time management needs a quick pick me up.

If you are ready to grow your business and generate sales, you have to function in an environment that facilitates execution.

How do you do it? Break your growth barriers and divide up your time.

If you are ready to grow and need a little push, here are five broad categories to divide your time and three activities you can start with. Other types of work can be added to customize to your business:

1. Client Work – Clients or customers. This includes providing services and products to them.

a) Follow Up to questions, requests, and inquiries from clients.
b) Update, organize, and finish client projects and research
c) Create quarterly communication programs for announcements, special offers, and new product introductions

2. Administrative Work – Paperwork, phone calls, emails, scheduling, and other “busy work” that keeps the business running.

a) Work a formatted daily activity sheet that includes all those things you have to do to keep the business running – phone calls, emails, scheduling, checking messages, going through mail, etc. Spend only one hour per day doing your daily activities first thing in the morning.
b) Maintain your daily to-do list (things higher level than daily activities) by keeping your list in a spiral notebook with dates on each page. Write all details for each to-do and check off as you complete.
c) Check your project folders and update details, dates, and delivery schedules.

3. Strategy Work – This is your center of taking action on anything, strategic planning, reading, continued education, documenting, etc.

a) Commit to strategic planning for at least five hours per week.
b) Check your goals, milestones, and actions and update progress-made and results.
c) Engage in market research, product research, and new technologies research each week.

4. Marketing Work – You want to spend your time persuading your target audience to buy what you are selling.

a) Post a blog entry once per week.
b) Write a new article every week and post on directories.
c) Work your marketing plan every day.

5. Procrastination Work – This work involves sitting around feeling bad because you are not doing what you were supposed to do so you do something else.

Do not worry, procrastination work is a valid way to divide up your time. There are not three activities because this category is defined by you. Try to come up with your procrastination schedule to determine your BEST procrastination activities. Once you see the things you do, you probably will not do them anymore.

If your environment is not conducive to how you conduct business it will be very hard to complete simple tasks — so get organized and divide your time accordingly.

Sherese Duncan

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