As a global company with over 25 years of training and educating entrepreneurs, our exclusive business credential program objectively assesses experience, ethics, and skills; and uniquely provides a supported learning program that increases skills, character, and knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.  Effició’s Executive Strategy Group houses our credential program:

Effició’s family of credentials includes:

  • Certified Strategic Business Owner (CSBO℠)
  • Certified Strategic Business Professional (CSBP℠)
  • Certified Strategic Business Executive (CSBE℠)

Effició’s Strategic Business Credential program is a unique program for business owners and entrepreneurs; it establishes their “dedication to” and “proficiency in” business enterprise.  Most credential programs provide a rigorous application process, an exam, and continuing education units to maintain certification.  This process has been successful in the professional world, but entrepreneurs need much more than just a designation.  They need support, guidance, and access to a learning process that allows them to excel based on their unique personality.

Effició’s Certified Strategic Business℠ credential is the best in class for entrepreneurs because it provides a process that engages the entrepreneur in learning key concepts and business principles with the end goal of producing a profitable perpetual business enterprise.  This learning process requires them to apply and execute learned concepts within their business for the life of their business.

As the saying goes, “you learn something new every day.” In today’s competitive business environment, that expression is more of a requirement than a saying for entrepreneurs who want to succeed and secure their chosen lifestyles.

Effició’s family of companies understands this and has established an extensive offering of classes, training, coaching, education, experts, events, and products designed to expose CSB℠ candidates to as many learning opportunities as possible — enabling their entrepreneurial growth and, ultimately, helping them advance in their chosen industry.

More people than ever are taking control of their lives by owning a business, and we recognize the commitment it takes, both in terms of earning credentials and maintaining your credentials during your entrepreneurial career. Currently, there aren’t many credential programs for business owners and entrepreneurs that showcase their level of commitment to sound business principles and ethics and a determination to build a world-class organization no matter the industry or discipline.

Effició’s Certified Strategic Business (CSB)℠ credential is much more than a designation:

  • It is designed to catapult the savvy entrepreneur from performing day-to-day business processes to becoming the visionary leader of their business.
  • It validates credibility within the business community and most importantly with existing and potential clients because it tells them you possess the best in class knowledge, skills, and expertise.
  • It’s a great credibility tool to build a business and attract clients.
  • It’s the best tool to gauge development and increase business acumen.

Amid the large list of credentials, the rigorous competency, ethics, and practice standards met by those certified as a Strategic Business Executive allow the CSB℠ credential to stand out from the crowd as the CEO/owner/founder credential of the highest standards.

The CSB℠ credential differs from an educational designation or state license in that it is based upon requirements that have been determined by extensive business analysis of actual practitioners in entrepreneurship, and, therefore, continues to evolve with the profession.

If you’re ready to establish this prestigious credential in the application of sound business practices, learn more about our education program, or you can schedule your consultation using the link below.

No matter where you are in your business development process, we can help you implement a focused strategy with the right resources, fully engage in the right activity, and finish with strategic execution – in the right way! All of which will lead to an operationally fit business that will shine like a newly discovered Red Diamond now — and in the future.

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