Eight Critical Areas of Personal Image

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As an entrepreneur, your personal image should present a uniquely personable and professional appearance and act as your anchor for total confidence in any situation.

Eight Critical Areas of Personal Image to Evaluate:

1.    Self Image  
Self Image is the reputation and relationship you have with yourself regarding security, self-hood, belonging, purpose and competence.

2.    Ethics and Integrity  
Ethics and Integrity are the personal statements that describe your values, morals, and self-perception.  These statements are true and consistent in all that you do or say.

3.    Color Analysis
Color initiates the process of cultivating your image. Color plays a critical role in every decision we make. It communicates subconscious messages of health, power, culture and environment. It unifies the image message.

4.    Communications
Communications is the delivery of a message through verbal and non-verbal techniques. Talking is easy; communication, which means an exchange or communion with another, requires greater skill.

5.    Protocol and Etiquette
Protocol and Etiquette define the acceptable or required behavior in business and social situations. It is your public statement that sets your ethical tone.

6.    Grooming Principles
Grooming Principles are the physical manifestations of health and well-being. They are the finishing touches that make your image complete.

7.    Wardrobe Strategies
Wardrobe Strategies are methods to express lifestyle and profession. Wardrobe can be a tactical weapon when used the correct way.  A company’s professional appearance code supports the foundation of its culture.

8.    Image Influence
Image Influence is persons, places or things that influence our perception of individuals, products, companies and entities. Selection, analysis and use of image objects create the appropriate messages an individual conveys to support its overall goals.

Your goal is to express your company’s goals by aligning appearance, behavior and communications, which includes etiquette and international protocol.  Take a quick inventory of these critical areas and map out a plan to get them in check.

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