Did you start your business from scratch? Effició Radio, Episode 08 with Sherese Duncan

They are entrepreneurs who started from “scratch” securing every single client, every single deal, every single acknowledgment, every single award, every single media exposure, and any other positive aspect of owning a business.  Scratch entrepreneurs are the soul of business because they drive the need for new ways of gaining, growing, succeeding, and doing.

Let me explain.

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Brief Show Notes:

Are you a scratch entrepreneur an Efficio Broadcast

A scratch entrepreneur is a go-getter who dares to establish a business, no matter their circumstance, that is a small business system in which, he/she can run virtually, in person, or it can run itself–and grow–while absent. That’s the beauty of a small business system. You can take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level by owning a business that has a profitable infrastructure in place which will gain your freedom and wealth to pursue many dimensions of your career.

If you consider yourself a scratch entrepreneur, just know that you’re are on a journey that requires guts, intuition, and drive – and it’s my job to tell you the truth about building an entrepreneurial career you can “be proud of”.

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