STOP Robbing your Strategy to Pay the Bills

We know for a fact that executives of small firms have a lot of questions and concerns – and need confidential resources to not only confide in but also who can provide solutions in real-time.

Live Interactive Courses with Efficio and Sherese Duncan

Our Immersive Skill Builder Courses’ purpose is to harness the power of strategic thinking, planning, and doing. There are many free courses, paid courses, lectures, and everything in between out there that teach great concepts and methodologies, but what hard-working entrepreneurs like yourself need is TRAINING:  The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies.

We cover everything you need to define, implement and execute your total business strategy broken down into twelve (12) key skill builder courses.  Our courses will help you translate all your ideas, goals, initiatives, strategies, and all those things you want to implement, into something tangible.  Once you’ve defined and organized your strategy within each area, we will help you create realistic action steps and EXECUTE them!

Our faculty are consistently recognized for instructor excellence, the strength of our curriculum, and our unique approach that guarantees effective knowledge transfer – we focus on execution, not just theoretical information.

Our students absorb the material quicker, retain it for longer and define clear return on investment metrics!

We are going to take your work from low-level low-payoff activities to high-level high-payoff activities. If you’re a current student, log in to access all courses.

How to register for courses as a non-student:

  1. Choose your course via our academic catalog.
  2. Read the description and click the link where indicated to register.
  3. Fill in the information requested and process your registration.

Skill Builder Course registration includes live training, materials, and an MP4 copy of the course.

We’ll see you in class!

Team Effició



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