Effició is Latin for “to do, produce, effect, make.”

Effició, Inc. exemplifies the true spirit of entrepreneurship by being an invigorator of entrepreneurs; helping them reach beyond. Effició, Inc. has a leading approach to entrepreneurship, with strategic bottom-line ideas, and straight-to-the-point solutions.

Effició’s tagline says it best…“getting to the CORE of business”®

We are an education and consulting firm designed to help business owners build a strong, sound, solid, and streamlined business venture. Our programming is for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and Founders of small to medium-sized businesses, who are ready to participate in advanced educational experiences including executive-level learning, masterminding, and executing visionary business initiatives. Our LEARN process allows our clients to implement business concepts, utilize strategic thinking, provide real value, and achieve outstanding results for the life of their entrepreneurial careers.

Our concepts, techniques, and teachings come from over two decades of experience training, coaching, consulting, and educating business owners, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial students from all types of backgrounds, diverse places in the world, and within diverse learning situations. We have learned that entrepreneurs not only need skill development, but they also need motivation; once they get motivation the possibilities are as limitless as their imagination. This is where Effició’s “there is no box” philosophy comes into the picture. All Effició’s teaching and learning techniques not only provide the skills but also inspire self-motivation.

Our Students of Entrepreneurship

We work with CEOs, Partners, Executives, and Founders of small to medium-sized businesses with 0-50 employees who are building a practice, a firm, a company in addition to growing a dynamic team centered on a central vision. This vision allows our CEO students to create true wealth and acquire the executive lifestyle they deserve.

We have worked with accounting firms, IT firms, event management companies, law firms, consulting practices, marketing firms, engineering firms, new energy and biotech firms, and many more! In addition, we have worked with a diverse group of service-based businesses in addition to corporate executives who are moving into entrepreneurship for the first time.

We also work with certified businesses to ensure their internal operations are prepared for existing and potential large contracts acquired through the city, state, and organizational certifications.

And, we work with product-based businesses helping them focus on the internal infrastructure needed to ensure their products get to market quickly, easily, and profitably with total company operations.

We have a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurship students! And we can help you!

We feel that understanding how to learn and applying what you learned to a constantly changing business environment is the most valuable skill in business.

We have passion for what we do; think of us as the Road Runner in the Bugs Bunny cartoon, no matter how hard and crazy it seems intelligence and awareness allow us to achieve. We support this passion and keep it alive through our students with our proprietary LEARN™ process.

We take our students from business owners to fulfilled entrepreneurs who dictate their success rate, not someone else – they make the choice.


If you want to explore our programs to see if it would work for your business goals, Our CEO, Sherese Duncan, is ready to connect with you! >>Schedule your consultation. You’ll meet “CEO to CEO” to gain access to full programming information and a five-point business analysis via phone or video chat.

We’re ready…are you?

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