Sherese Duncan, CEO & President

Giving advice, analyzing issues, and solving problems for others always came naturally to Sherese. From childhood friends to college internships to career transitions; the results were consistent, Duncan was able to make the most logical and effective decisions. Defying the odds, elevating platforms, and claiming the unexpected, this “show me state” born leader is not your average thinker. Instead, she always carried with her the energy and mental power to take herself, and others, to the next level. Sherese was able to, in 1999, walk away from a 9-5 job after earning her MBA degree and create the career of her dreams; a business that would offer advice and solutions to entrepreneurs and position them for self-actualization. In 2001 Effició, Inc. was born. As the CEO of Effició, Inc., Sherese has served as an advocate of entrepreneurship for over two decades providing entrepreneurial education and training for entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and organizations around the world. Through her Ph.D. pursuit at the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, Sherese’s focus is to extend Effició’s intellectual capital to research entrepreneurship, marketing, economic intelligence, and power relationships. As the visionary leader of Effició, Inc., Duncan and her brands are all about execution and results. Simply put, her business approach works.

You can read Duncan’s full bio here. And, check out her “from core to root” series on our blog.


Winston Kelly, Associate Strategist, Consultant

Winston Kelly is a born and raised Kansas City, MO. native. Winston is known for embracing change to promote cultural shift, and leveraging a collaborative approach to solve business challenges; his main focus is a commitment to service excellence. Winston brings 31 years of corporate experience, creating operational models, identifying enhancement specs for cross-functional projects, and defining and executing organizational transformation strategies. Winston values family and makes it a priority to create meaningful moments, and with his strong moral and ethical principles, he follows through (100%) on his commitments. With his extensive public sector experience along with his IT and data analysis skills, Winston is an Effició Strategist and Consultant working with our executive students providing training, consulting, and credential acquisition support.


Linda Lyons, Executive Consultant, Associate Strategist

Linda Lyons is an accomplished sales professional and serial entrepreneur; she understands the importance of a healthy environment and has invested her life in helping people become the best version of themselves. Linda’s corporate career of 20+ years in Business Development in Consumer Sales included Fortune 500 giants – Hormel Foods, Polaroid Corporation, IBM, and Samsung with a $5M book of business. Eventually, her visionary ideas sparked her to successfully launch and sell two businesses. Currently, Linda has leveraged her skills to become a top producer in real estate, and surprisingly, social media! She has successfully utilized social media to translate 100,000 likes into close to $1M in sales just from one platform. In addition, Linda’s love for nutrition and health has also opened doors to help those in mental/physical distress. Her certification in nutrition and Reiki have transformed the lives of many and she is so proud of her well-rounded approach to life. Linda is an Effició Consultant, and Advisor supporting our executive students in keeping their businesses financially healthy and navigating the pre-credential valuation process.


Diane Cevallos, Executive Coach, Instructional Coordinator

Diane Cevallos is an accomplished Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. Her transparent, personable approach encourages clients to become all they are created to be. Adept at building trust and confidence, growing relationships, and driving positive results, she has worked with various organizations on work-life balance, team building, strategic planning, problem-solving, and creating a culture that works. Diane is a gracious, compassionate teacher with strong active listening skills and a proven ability to assess client needs. Not only does she understand the intricacies and operational challenges of operating a successful business, but Diane also has an in-depth understanding of the coaching process and documentation requirements, with the capacity to leverage clients into actionable plans. Diane is an Effició Executive Coach and prepares our executive students for courses, training, and credential management, in addition to getting them beyond the explosions and wrong turns as they excavate their Red Diamond Business.


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