Working with Effició provides upbeat, creative, and innovative experiences. The entrepreneurs’ lifestyle can be very unique, exciting, and fulfilling. Our job is to ensure all Effició clientele are supported and motivated to exceed their definition of success on their terms and to embrace their own unique brand by getting to the CORE of their business!

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Here are some of the results our students have had during and after Getting to the CORE with Effició:

  • I can’t believe I actually have systems and processes that drive cash flow into my business without even trying.
  • My infrastructure is solid and working profitably.
  • I’m finally a master of my numbers.
  • I transmogrified, I got to the CORE, and I finally have an executive level income.
  • I have clear procedures and protocols in place that can be delegated without loss.
  • I’m in love with my business again.
  • Acquiring clients is easier than ever.
  • I’ve captured every detail of our operation, including filling in the gaps, now my COO can be hired!
  • I’ve learned how to create easy-to-follow processes that we can immediately implement with our entire virtual team.
  • We’ve mastered the mundane tasks that keep getting in the way of productivity.
  • I lost my passion but after getting to the core, the passion is back in full force.
  • Taking action has taken on a whole new meaning.
  • I feel confident and comfortable with hiring a full staff to handle key administrative and marketing tasks.
  • The time spent working on myself and my personal baggage was invaluable; it was the only thing holding me back.
  • I’m not depressed and I’m not sad anymore, I’m content and happy.
  • This was tougher than getting my MBA.
  • Now I see how to address the immediate needs as well as my vision for the future.
  • Got my business AND my personal life in perfect harmony.
  • Made even the most difficult aspects of business make sense.
  • I needed the “let’s keep it real” ideas and concepts.
  • Made me think of new and exciting ways I can improve on my products and services.
  • OMG! I so needed the drill sergeant.
  • Generated real cash-flow not just revenue after only three sessions!!

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