Essence of Effició #1: Begin Experiencing the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

February 27, 20160 Comments

Efficio CommunityWelcome to the “Essence of Effició!”   Each issue, we’ll feature a part of Efficio that you may not know about.  This month we are featuring the Student of Entrepreneurship Subscriber Community where you will discover that we have Connected all the Entrepreneurial Dots!

Upon registration as a community member you will have immediate access to Effició’s Red Diamond Playbook, Live calls with Sherese Duncan, Exclusive Effició Media Entrepreneurial Educational Programming, and additional tutorials to jump-start growth!!

This is the perfect community for entrepreneurs who yearn for a business environment that spawns innovation. The direct-to-the point information and feedback helps you to implement actionable ideas IMMEDIATELY.

As a community subscriber you get no-fluff premier content, motivation, and mentoring!  We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.  You will begin experiencing an entrepreneurial lifestyle that is exciting and fulfilling.  Go to to learn more!

Angie Renee, Communications Coordinator

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