Essence of Effició #5: The Learning Incubator

October 29, 20160 Comments

checking_onlineWelcome to the “Essence of Effició!”   Each issue, we’ll feature a part of Efficio that you may not know about.  This month we are featuring the Learning Incubator.™

A business community for entrepreneurs who are ready for focused strategic support on their way to become an ICON of Entrepreneurship!

With technology advances, new learning techniques and the ability to access information from multiple devices, we have created the Learning Incubator.

Effició’s Learning Incubator is a private business environment for executive entrepreneurs who value confidentiality, integrity and openness, especially with support and resources, that allow an accelerated yet comprehensive development of extraordinary results through advanced learning techniques.

Effició’s Learning Incubator is a virtual campus providing most Effició education, tools, and programs primarily through the Internet: eLearning. eLearning is an excellent way for our executive students to access best-in-class training, education, support, and resources without the burden of travel, large investments, and limited access to unique business models for success.

Effició’s Learning Incubator is a place for you to manage your time, work effectively, prepare for training, reduce stress, manage procrastination, learn entrepreneur skills rapidly, make good use of office hours, and much more.

You will join other executive business owners that are like-minded and ready to learn! You’ll be able to take advantage of the groups’ mind-share along with your strategist to participate in a learning environment that is actively implementing key strategies shared.

Effició’s Learning Incubator can help you:

  • Explore current challenges and opportunities you’re unsure about
  • Work through ideas and thoughts that focus on your vision
  • Create a thinking environment that is positive and perpetual
  • Develop ideas according to the BIGGER PICTURE
  • Find the question behind the question
  • Define realistic pathways to profitability
  • Form productive strategies for everyday tasks

It’s important to have accountability as you take the CORE journey. The Learning Incubator can keep you motivated and provide the triggers needed to keep your momentum going!

To access the Learning Incubator, become a Full Time Student of Entrepreneurship or take a School of Entrepreneurship Course.

Angie Renee, Communications Coordinator

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