Welcome to the “Essence of Effició!” For each issue, we’ll feature a part of Effició that you may not know about.  This month we are featuring Effició’s business library for students, members, and protege’s!

black_pencilWe want you to choose our educational programming as part of your growing business library!

Part of Total Entrepreneurial Career development is to “get to the CORE” content and let go of unnecessary information that you will probably just store away for later.  We want you to take action now!  This is why we are choosing to put in the time and work required to create great content and build a prosperous brand. We are not just starting this; we have been doing this since our birth.

We have several options for our students, members, and protege’s for action-oriented content:

  • Quarterly Newsletter:  It will give you up to date straightforward simple and proven business strategies, first notice of our complimentary special events and programs, and a dose of our “there is no box!” philosophy all via the student blog.
  • Comprehensive Tutorials and Challenges:  We’re going to help you get ACCELERATED ACCESS to the knowledge you need and how to apply it – WITHOUT you doing the hard work of figuring it out yourself!
  • Mentoring and Advising:  Join us for live mentoring and advising sessions for steps to make a shift…a shift towards a focused business strategy that will positively affect your business success.
  • How-to Articles:  We’re sharing tips, articles, how-to’s, tools, and audio programs you don’t want to miss!
  • Training:  Don’t miss out on our High-Value High Impact how-to training, live, and on-demand!
  • Aggressive Competitive Skills Learning Events:  Get access to our live seminars here in Charlotte, NC covering topics that impact your bottom line!
  • Podcasts and Radio Shows: Get access to exclusive tips from renowned experts around the world on demand!
  • CORE Diaries Reality Show: Follow our brave business owners and entrepreneurs as they show you first-hand what it’s like to get to the CORE with Efficio!

Plus a lot more!!

Whatever your reason for seeking content, resources, and tools, it’s important to pick the right topics that get you closer to your vision.  Choose to take action on everything you read within one week; this way you’ll be more selective and your business library will be much more valuable.

To access our growing business library, ease into education with us by joining our newly upgraded Small Business Strategy Group!

Here’s to “actionable content!”

Team Effició


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