Essence of Efficio UPDATE: For Executive Level Entrepreneurs Only!

July 27, 20160 Comments

Efficio CommunityWelcome to the “Essence of Effició!”   Each issue, we’ll feature a part of Efficio that you may not know about.  This month we are featuring (new upgrades!!) to our Entrepreneur Subscriber Community.

Hello executive entrepreneurs!  Join sophisticated discussions on how to get to the CORE of Everything!

This has been a long-time coming and it has been a mind boggling experience. One of the challenges with mature businesses is the accumulation of content. I had to dig deep into all my content including my telecourses (since 2003), my live training, speaking engagements, coaching and consulting sessions, my newsletters (since 98), articles, books, ebooks and booklets that I’ve created over the last 17 years and it was…fun!

I’m hoping to spark discussion beyond the typical “how to’s, tips, strategies and tricks,” and on to an executive quality of sophisticated content and solutions — displaying a strategic flow and perpetual wisdom that is subtlety direct and honest.

My team and I are molding Effició into the premier educational resource for YOU.  We’re presenting the information in simple bits of content so you can take action at your own pace.

As a Future Student of Entrepreneurship Community Subscriber, you’ll receive

  • Red Diamond “get to your CORE” Playbook…your first taste of “Effició style” education. (120+ Pages)
    This playbook will allow you to understand the full process you must go through in order to achieve ICONic status.  You’ll access red diamond nuggets of information that will rev up your “business mindset.”  We’ll begin your Red Diamond education by giving you 11 “get to your CORE” Plays to take action on immediately.  Our goal is move you from progress, transition and motion to an iconic state of perpetuity.  We want to mold you into an Icon of Entrepreneurship.

In addition to your Playbook, you’ll access…

  • Monthly Executive Entrepreneur Premium Newsletter
  • Premium Content on Total Entrepreneurial Career Development
  • Monthly Motivation Live Calls Along with Open Q&A
  • Quarterly Executive Training Catalog
  • Yearly State of Entrepreneurship Report


It’s time to take your Entrepreneur Education to new heights! We’re ready…are you?


Yes!!! I want to begin my Iconic Journey by becoming a Student of Entrepreneurship Community Subscriber.

Your Student of Entrepreneurship Community Subscription is $49 per year. Click below to process your subscription!

Process Efficio Community Membership



Need help deciding, contact one of our advisors toll free at 866-934-CORE (2673) or email

Angie Renee, Communications Coordinator

Privacy: All contact information is protected by Effició’s Can-Spam Privacy Program. We do not rent, sell or give anyone your contact information at any time.

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