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Culture   Mindset   Image   Voice   Power

We take these essentials seriously. After all, living an extraordinary entrepreneurial lifestyle requires each of them. A vibrant business culture completes a business. A thinking mindset influences the best in all of us. An alluring image attracts felicity. An eloquent voice helps us grow. A natural power gives us an opportunity to accentuate.

“We have all these essentials and we want to share our most elite education with you! An intelligent entrepreneur respects their ability to shape and mold the DNA (culture, mindset, image, voice, and power) of their business intelligence in a way that presents extreme value to those it serves.”

We place extreme value on those we serve.
We want to serve you with an elite learning experience that is exclusive, sophisticated, and extraordinary.


Red Diamond Exclusive (RDE) prepares executives from all over the world for new levels of execution in their entrepreneurial careers and within their organizations. RDE is for executives (CEO, CFO, COO,  and Founders of small to medium sized businesses) who are ready to participate in elite educational experiences including custom level learning, masterminding, and executing of visionary entrepreneurial goals.

In a competitive global economy, entrepreneurs reaching higher levels of lifestyle creation must surround themselves with intellectual conversations and discussions.  Turn to Red Diamond Exclusive to give you the elite entrepreneurial edge you need to make your mark on the profession of entrepreneurship.

Our admissions and enrollment steps combine a rigorous selection process, an intensive cohort experience, and a certification year spent as a Credential Red Diamond Protégé implementing and executing. During the certification year, we will continue to provide custom sessions to extend the support as our Protégé’s transitions out of their elite training program.


Key Features of Red Diamond Exclusive:

Online Learning
90% of the program is accessible via your office or home, there’s no need to travel.  You will connect with our strategist live via phone or video conference.  All programming is recorded; you’ll also receive printed transcripts of most programming.  The rest will be available 24/7 in our exclusive library.

Red Diamond Quality Curriculum
Your INTELLIGENCE curriculum is highly experiential and relevant, placing you in a variety of situations designed to replicate the real challenges you face as the visionary entrepreneur.

Experiential Learning
Case studies, role plays, simulations and other activities mirroring situations faced as entrepreneurial executives.

A Cohort Experience
Involvement in a learning community (Small Business Strategy Group) and support network during the program and throughout the credential year.

Exclusive Credentials and Entrepreneurial Credit
Eligibility to receive the Certified Strategic Business Executive Certification through a credential year filled with entrepreneurial lifestyle experiences.

Elite Level Masterminding and Coaching
Mentor support, small-group coaching, two-day retreats and structured masterminding to tackle complex business issues and executive development challenges.

Credential Training and Development Track Modules
Access to targeted private consulting calls to track progress, discuss specific challenges, and to map out an elite level implementation process.

Red Diamond Exclusive INTELLIGENCE programming will provide mastery training modules, programs and support focused on Culture, Mindset, Image, Voice, and Power. When we say mastery, we are not discounting starting with a basic understanding and progressing from there. We simply do not provide cookie cutter, one size fits all education. Mastery in this context means beyond the norm, extraordinary.

“It’s time to invest in your entrepreneurial intelligence.”

Your elite education curriculum is highly experiential and relevant, placing you in a variety of situations designed to replicate the real challenges you face as the visionary. It will combine a strategic selection process, an intensive cohort experience, and an execution module spent implementing and executing the strategies developed. During the execution module, we will continue to provide group and individual executive sessions to extend the support as you transition into the next level programming.

Program Overview:

INTELLIGENCE is our exclusive mastery level programming and contains your Credential programming option. INTELLIGENCE is designed for the elite entrepreneur who is ready to propel forward at a highly accelerated pace. INTELLIGENCE protégé’s have mastered the CORE principles needed to attain Visionary status and to also maintain an ICONic state of progression.

Red Diamond Exclusive, is a full service training, coaching, consulting and education (all in one – no need to get things here and there) program organized into:

1. Intelligence Sessions: Your focus has to be action! Planning is great; without action it is useless. We not only provide step-by-step content but also detailed implementation and execution support through intelligence sessions so you can actually focus, fully engage and finish!

2. Strategic Training: You’ll train with your strategist on each module to ensure you’re learning and implementing your full Entrepreneurial Portfolio step-by-step in addition to full guidance on how to complete your entrepreneurial lifestyle blueprints.

3. Learning Sessions: You’ll get access to strategic learning and coaching sessions that focus on creating your work management plan and advanced action planning techniques that help you decide who is going to do what and by when and in what order to reach your strategic goals.

4. Curriculum and Tutorials: In addition to the main five manuals, you’ll access a full  library of streaming and downloadable audio and video tutorials on key topics that impact your bottom line to help you sustain and/or increase cash-flows throughout your training and beyond.

5. Critical Success Analysis and Tracking: You’ll stay accountable with analysis of your progress. You’ll receive coaching and mentoring in addition to accountability tools that allow for objective review and feedback.

Starting and Growing a Business is SIMPLE! Sustaining and Maturing an extraordinary Entrepreneurial Career takes much more work and it starts with your INTELLIGENCE!!

We want to emphasize that we not only teach you the “what” but we also teach you the “how, why, where and when.” In order to do this, our supporting platform for all programs is Transferable Skill Development.

Acquiring and Living an Extraordinary Entrepreneurial Lifestyle is the Goal!

We’ve encountered several reasons why a lot of entrepreneurs never quite get to the true level of lifestyle they desire and ultimately the true level of freedom they yearn for every day. There are many but the most prominent is a disconnection from the knowledge, education, and skills focused on full development of their careers and business ventures.

A lot of entrepreneurs have good knowledge, education, and skills but some are missing the connection to the strategic alignment between those skills and the lifestyle they desire for various reasons.

Nothing is secure when it comes to careers and business – not even your business. To stay relevant, you have to build skill sets in five key areas that allow you to create and ultimately take advantage of opportunities in a way that benefits your life goals. Red Diamond Exclusive not only develops your business and your entrepreneurial career but also your skills in five key areas:

  • Module 1: Your Culture This is the DNA of your total business operations.
  • Module 2: Your Mindset This is the DNA of how you think and influence.
  • Module 3: Your Image This is the DNA of how you manage perceptions and exude energy.
  • Module 4: Your Voice This is the DNA of your presence and impact.
  • Module 5: Your Power This is the DNA of your innate abilities to execute.

In other words, with Red Diamond Exclusive Education you’ll acquire:

  1. The transferable skills you need to pursue an elite level entrepreneurial career.
  2. The knowledge you need in order to make the right entrepreneurial decisions.
  3. The intellect you need to grow and evolve professionally and exponentially.

If you’re currently an entrepreneur and you’re ready to move to an ELITE STATUS and acquire the lifestyle you desire, my team and I can help you implement a focused strategy with the right resources, fully engage in the right activity, and finish with strategic execution – in the right way! All of which will lead to a successful entrepreneurial venture that will shine like a newly discovered Red Diamond now — and in the future.



The ideal Red Diamond Protege for us: CEO’s, Partners and Founders of small businesses who are building a practice, a firm, or a company in addition to building a success team that allows them to create true wealth and achieve executive lifestyle goals. You can find more info on our company including who we work with on our About Effició page. We want to you to join RDE if:

  • You have achieved success in your field but you’re taking on new challenges and you need additional tools to achieve more.
  • You have incredible skills, but you need focused power and influencing skills in order to advance.
  • You are a small business owner and you need to position yourself as an expert achiever in your industry.
  • You’re ready to attract exclusive clients to add to your current client list.
  • You want to upgrade your image and perception to reflect an elite status.
  • You are a smart, upwardly mobile with bodacious dreams and innovative ideas.
  • You have a vision for what you want to accomplish and you’re ready to execute it!

If you’re ready…we will move you from progress, transition and motion to an iconic state of perpetuity. Effició’s Team wants to mold you into an Entrepreneur of Intelligence.



“Invest in INTELLIGENCE.” Sherese Duncan’s Red Diamond Exclusive!

Our team is ready to connect with you! Don’t wait until you think you’re ready – that’s what we’re here for!! Contact us now…

Option 1: To learn more or inquire about enrollment, call 1-866-934-CORE (2673) ext. 701 to schedule your complimentary session. You’ll meet “CEO to CEO” to gain access to full programming information and an entrepreneurial lifestyle analysis via phone or video chat.

Option 2: You may also request your complimentary Red Diamond Exclusive session with Sherese Duncan  via our online form located here: Complimentary Session.

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