Elevate your experience with Effició and join our CEO, Sherese Duncan, in the Executive Suite

Our Executive Suite combines connection, intellect, and comfort in an exclusive atmosphere tailored to CEOs, Founders, and Owners who are “ready to get to the CORE.”

Freedom, flexibility, and a perpetual bottom line is attainable; however, sustaining this level of attainment takes Clear and Concise Action.

Our “Executive Suite” is available now.

Every meeting in the Executive Suite will be different, it will all depend on the energy in the room, the questions asked, and the resources shared. However, the focus is the same, to share how we engage and support executive entrepreneurs in industry, education, and research.

The ideal executive CEO for this convening: CEO’s, Owners, and Founders of businesses with 0-50 employees who are building a practice, a firm, or a company.  Those that are building a success team that allows them to create true wealth. Those that want to achieve executive lifestyle goals. Those that are trying to move from tactical roles (day to day grind) to strategic roles (vision and innovation focused).

We’ve been perfecting our education and consulting practices, our business model, and our strategic tools for the last 20 years. Our programming is a living, breathing, and evolving learning experience!

Executive Suite is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a private meeting with Sherese!

Sherese is known for her honesty, relatability, and straight-to-the-point answers. You will receive a lot of information in a small amount of time and leave with the knowledge to determine if you’re ready to Get to the CORE of YOUR Business.

Let’s prepare for digging!

Executive Suite is held on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 10am eastern. Current schedule below, sign up for the date that best fits your schedule:

  1. Click here to register for the January 6, 2022 Suite, 10am-11am Eastern
  2. Click here to register for the February 3, 2022 Suite, 10am-11am Eastern
  3. Click here to register for the March 3, 2022 Suite 10am-11am Eastern

We look forward to meeting you!

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