Five Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

August 14, 20130 Comments

What to doOver the past three years, I have been working on building the Effició team and it has been tough.  The hardest part is learning how to lead your team to success.  Here are five leadership mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Favoring the interest of yourself over the interest of the needs of the business and the market you serve.
  2. Rewarding less than standard service from outside sources because you feel you have no other resource or the budget to go elsewhere.
  3. Creating a culture that encourages separate standards of behavior for one person and another.  This includes employees, vendors, contractors and interns.
  4. Taking excessive compensation from the business before it has had a chance to earn substantial profit margins.
  5. Creating and engaging in company activities that undermine integrity, loyalty and service.

Take the time to plan out your interview process, a process for introducing your new team member to your company and most important a schedule for training and education.  The more you support your team, the better results you will get.

Good Luck!

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