You are a business owner, an entrepreneur; therefore the struggle is real and sometimes overwhelming. Effició Radio, Episode 15 with Sherese Duncan

Entrepreneurial leaders who see where they want to be but haven’t gotten there yet may find themselves stuck in the mindset of one or more of the four mind shackles, Commitment Phobia, Mental Contrasting, Committed but Closed Minded, and Learned Helplessness.

Be willing to explore all possible solutions. This may mean gaining the support, training, and guidance from those who think differently than you do.

Let’s fully transmogrify!

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Brief Show Notes:


Entrepreneurial leaders can suffer from commitment phobia, when it is obvious, that they must commit themselves to take actions that will create business success. On the other hand, there are entrepreneurial leaders that are not conscious of what it takes to reach their desired goals because they are blinded by the right now, day-to-day obstacles of running a business. Or, could it be that entrepreneurial leaders do not suffer from commitment phobia instead they realize what needs to be done, are not blinded by the right now obstacles, but they feel they have to finish their “plan of getting things together” before they embark on the journey that will help them achieve their biggest goals?

Listen to the episode to understand four mind shackles to remove.

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